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  1. Happy Birthday raj.1995!

  2. Hi, I have just bought my first car, a 1999 T plate Avensis 1.8 SE, and have had a few problems! I have done the following modifications, incase these may be to blame: Ice blue 55w H7 dipped bulbs LED W5W sidelight bulbs Sony headunit Universal cone air filter (unlikely to cause the problems I know) I have 2 keys on the keyring. One key has remote central locking buttons however this does not fit the drivers door lock manually. This does fit in the ignition and start the car though. One key fits the drivers door lock AND starts the car The other day my remote locking died, and I have replaced the batteries in the fob but they still do not work. Also when using the other key in the door lock, it only locks the drivers door, meaning the other 3 passenger doors and boot stay unlocked. Managed to temporarily fix it by using the interior locks on the passenger doors but the boot is still unsecured. My interior lights also do not work now, even with the regular filament bulbs in (I had a 30mm 12 smd blue bulb in the interior light and 6 led bayonet fitting bulbs for the reading light, as well as a 36mm 3 smd blue bulb in the boot). I could not test the LED interior lights as they stopped working, however the boot light did work for a few days before this problem happened. A mate seems to think it could be low battery causing this, but I can't take it out to charge it properly as it isn't taxed/insured at the moment. I did leave it to idle on the drive for an hour or so earlier but still no change. Thanks!
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