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  1. hey all im new to all this so bare with me..... ive had mt corolla t sport tte compressor a couple months now, have added a piper x induction kit and de cated it so as you can guess my dash is like a x mas tree with the engine managment light vsc an trc light all on. im in desparet need of a re map. any one know any who can as i have called everyone an even fensport will not touch it. the one guy i have found is great but is looking at like 1000 to do it (i dont need power that badly) sorry to blabber on so will leave it there. cheers ash
  2. anyone out there got the corolla t sport compressor? only 250 made in the uk. well im one of them

  3. no one can re map my corolla compressor grrrrr

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