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  1. A while back I had a leak on the coolant system and it was found to be the heater matrix. It was taken out and replaced, and as you will know the entire dash had to come out. However, since putting it back the heater controls have been a bit weird to say the least.

    When moving the controls from cold to hot, it should simply just change the temperature. However, now when I move it from cold to hot, when it gets half way, the actual speed of the air coming out jumps up as if you have turned the dial on the left up. Then the tiny green light in the aircon button flashes in time with a clicking noise coming from the frunk every so often.

    Is there anyone here who have had something similar/same as this and know if it's just 2 wires that have maybe swapped places?

  2. I'm after some slightly used 800 or 850cc injectors for my Rev3 MR2 Turbo. They need to be side feed (or would consider top feed if it came with the rail and was cheap enough). I'm really pushing my budget here for my build and reason for looking for some used ones is to make sure they're already cleaned and flow tested and I know that they aren't faulty as i've had a few issues with some brand new Sards sticking.

    Cash waiting. Cheers

  3. Can someone explain to me what these phrases mean: i.e what would they entail and how hard would they be to learn?

    2 year server maintenance

    desktop and 1st line support

    maintenance of server network



    desktop and 1st line support is basically phone support. youll remote control or guide them through fixing the problem from your end, if you cant it moves to 2nd line support which is face to face problem solving.

    2 year server maintenance i assume is what is offered on your servers from the providers

    maintenance of servers is *****, they hardly ever go wrong anyway as most have RAID hard drives, if one fails they replicate themselves to the others and continue working like normal

  4. its a local lad.. it is defo a tubby which runs like a dog according to my local mechanic who had his car on a ramp when i went to collect mine.. :lol:

    it has been made to look like an n/a but i had a suspision it was a tubby so belted it off the line and yup, definately not n/a :D by 70mph id got a fair few car lengths on it and could have kept pulling so either its standard or like you said a dog. hows the 306 mate? heard your tubbys falling to bits lately :P

  5. if hes been running 18psi on a rev2 for a long time no wonder hes selling it on! the engine life will have probably gone down a fair bit if its still on original intercooler not to mention the turbo which shouldnt be run on anything more than 15psi max (if its a ct26) looks nice though

  6. Hi all,

    Think i have finally decided at getting an MR2 in a couple of months (rather than a supra or gt4), only problem is, not sure what type to get :unsure:

    I have two options...

    A friend is selling his Rev 1 T-Bar N/A for around £2500. It's in mint condition with masses of service history and has 'only' done 75K. It has Koni adjustable sus', Mongoose exhaust, Apexi induction, 17 inch Lenso's with nearly new toyo's on, leather seats, etc. Also just had a new clutch fitted.

    The other option is to get a MR2 turbo for around £3000 - 3500... Do you think i could get a good tubby for this? I suppose it would be a Rev 1 or 2...

    I just cant help thinking that if i go for the N/A i'll always want the power of the turbo. Having said that, i haven't owned a mid-engined, rwd car before and it may be good experiance to get something with a little less power and get used to the set-up...

    Sorry if i went on for a bit, but any advice guidance is appreciated as i'm useless at making decisions!!

    Cheers, mike :thumbsup:

    if im been safe...id say get an n/a first if its first RWD mid engined car as i spun mine a few times when i was 17, i admit i was too young for one but then learned to be slow in corners fast on the exit.

    but if im been honest....turbo! dunno about other people but even when i was 17/18 i got bored of the power after 6 months, didnt help having a go in fizzes rev3 tubby (****** :D) petrols expensive but when you eventually get bored of standard turbo, 35quid and youve got another 40-50bhp with a boost controller and masses of torque

    for £3500 you could get a tbar rev2 tubby in good condition

  7. cool, managed a 13.89 at brunters with a slipping clutch but sequential boost control

    ran stock into 2nd gear to give full traction then hit my boost button gizmo to run 1.2 bar the rest of the way, was making half a second of difference :)

    go full boost in 1st just hold your clutch in a tiny bit to stop wheelspin, hard to judge it at first. next time ill get mid 13's

  8. Official word from Toyota is the Supra name died with the IV

    The same has been said for the celica and MR2 which will cease production this year (the MR2 already has)

    As Ryan mentioned, these particular pics (as well as others) have been floating around since 2001 when the Mk IV production ceased.

    There was a Lexus LF-S (or something) concept, which suggested a 'Toyota Supercar', but Toyota/Lexus stated it was purely for concept.

    There are plans for a mid-range sports car, aimed more at replacing the Celica/MR2 than the Supra, but as is the way with Toyota, there are no official pictures or references.

    Basically, the Supra name is dead, there may be a car along that you can call 'a supra replacement', although with current emission laws, dont expect a Turbo.

    I dont get what you mean by current emission laws. How come lets say, Mitsubushi can release the fq400 with huge power and big turbo, but there cant be another 3litre turbo?

  9. Looks like I'll be doing the MCSD or MCAD (sponsered from work).

    I'm not sure about the others .. I *do* that on a regular basis. Dunno if I'd need a bit of paper saying so.

    im doing the MCSE with www.nitlc.com

    Got my A+ and Network+ so far. Going for my XP Pro soon, seems fairly hard exam

    I've got a brochure from nitlc.com - are they any good?

    I've now got the "Implementing, Managing and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure" Self Paced Training Kit for Exam 70-291 (already got Managing and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Environment 70-290) so am gonna blast through those first anyway - got a lot to learn!! :yes:

    aye theyre alright. your paying a lot of extra money for books im sure you could *ahem* find on the net...

  10. Looks like I'll be doing the MCSD or MCAD (sponsered from work).

    I'm not sure about the others .. I *do* that on a regular basis. Dunno if I'd need a bit of paper saying so.

    im doing the MCSE with www.nitlc.com

    Got my A+ and Network+ so far. Going for my XP Pro soon, seems fairly hard exam

  11. Cheers for comments, rare we get a day like that. But nah, the porsche turbo Badge is staying, think it tidys up the dash myself. Got it for the back centre panel but put it on dash, more of a shock to other drivers then :thumbsup:

    thats gorgeous mate :D they do look awesome in black!!

    love all of that apart from the turbo badge, I think anyone sitting there will know that when you hit the loud pedal and it screams behind their ears :D lovely car though mate :thumbsup:

    I held out for black tbar this time, was my ideal colour all along before my white n/a. Damn, Fizz' car looks even better with white alloys, looking mint B)

  12. id be interested in this aswel. but been 20 im sure insurance companies would just think im trying to get my quote down by adding a cheaper car to the policy and supposadly driving the tubby on the weekends. but i genuinely want to get a cheap corsa/saxo 1.1 to save petrol costs through the week and keep the mr2 for weekends.

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