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  1. hi ppl. ive been talkin to a guy about which mr2 i should buy. he says that the 1991 model is faster than the 1990 model because of a newer engine called 3S-GE. that true, right? apparently an extra 60 summat BHP is added on the 1991 models and above. when i go look at mr2s what do i need to look for to find out if its got the slightly faster engine in it? Should be J reg or above from December 1991 onwards right? cheers in advance guys, much appreciated.
  2. yo fizz. aye another bradford lad, im in bingley mate, u? yo smiffad, send us sum details about ur car, mileage colour uk/import etc. n where ur from :P cheers.
  3. mr2nut123

    Which Mr2

    hey guys. thanks for your quick posts. can i have details on both your cars im interested. add me on msn messenger on Luketheking15@hotmail.com and we can have a chat about it. i can do a nice part ex also on a newer car if your wantin a newer motor. if you dont have msn you guys then drop me an email on the above address. cheers. luke
  4. mr2nut123

    Which Mr2

    just wonderin if theres a uk mk2 with air con? i want a non turbo, t-bar with air con. if theres one with these whats the model called, is it the gt-t-bar?
  5. hi ppl. if you have a uk mk2 mr2 without air con, is it possible to have it fitted? if so how much and where can you get it from in the uk. ta
  6. Hi guys. anyone know any good mr2 dealers around my area (bradford/leeds west yorkshire) or anywhere near? need to find a nice cheap mr2 between £2000-£3000. or if anyone is sellin their mk2 u can get in contact with me via email. cheers.
  7. Hi guys. Now ive decided to definately get one of these babys, i need to get one cheap. Im looking for a UK model, early 90's with a T-bar and fairly low mileage if possible. Looking to spend about £2000-£2500 for one. I can also part ex my car. its in mint condition, new shape renault clio pretty much as standard with 4 new kenwood speakers just installed. If anyone knows people who are selling one or know where i can find them cheap but in good condition please email me at Luketheking15@hotmail.com or leave a message for me here with your details. Thanks in advance ppl.
  8. mr2nut123

    Body Kits

    I was just wondering where you can buy or look at a good range of good mr2 body kits on the net? any decent websites guys? cheers :)
  9. mr2nut123


    hey guys. noticed lately a few people have been claiming to be insured with good prices on just a standard mr2 at the age of 18-19. even if its with dads/mums as named drivers, my dad has never had a crash and hes got tons of NCB so that would be great! i have had no crashes at all and dont drive like a ******, im just aching for an mr2, theyre so nice. i was just wondering if people could post a list of these companies as im dying to get rid of this MONSTER of a car *cough* 1.2 clio lol :P, and buy an mr2. these companies dodgy? i arent bothered one bit if they are aslong as i can get a cheap quote lol. if you want to contact me directly to have a chat about the companies add me on msn messenger Luketheking15@hotmail.com. thanks in advance ppl.
  10. mr2nut123


    thanks for the companies guys, much appreciated. ill be giving them a try and certaintly giving liverpool victoria a call, they look promising. anymore insurance companies you can recommend? backstreet style incase these end up too expensive :P
  11. mr2nut123


    Hey there. My dads just bought an MR2 and because he works with cars (body panel beater) he told me that i could buy it off him cheap aslong as i could get some cheap insurance for it. I am 18, which puts off companies, but im only wanting the standard 2litre mk2, no GT turbos or anything. Cheapest quote ive got so far is £2000 but i need it to be much lower than this. Any of you guys have any backstreet companies or anyone that will insure me on this cheap? I'm been as honest as i can here, i arent one of them boy racers speeding in Saxos thinking their cool, i'm a sensible, skilled driver and would simply like to have a nice, respectable car without spending a fortune on insurance because of idiots my age acting like morons. You guys more than anyone know how great these cars are and i'd just like to prove to a company i'm worthy of insuring and wont mess about. Thanks in advance ppl. p.s. If you would prefer to contact me privately with details of companies or information, or even just a chat about this feel free to e-mail at Luketheking15@hotmail.com or maybe have a chat on MSN Messenger.
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