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  1. too right pieces of cr4p. actually im getting one of these computers next month. great value for money and a 19" tft
  2. cheers guys B) getting on a bit now! youll have to pass down your old slippers to me soon
  3. doesnt seem so amazing compared to the new dodge viper. theyve got the same power, 1000bhp (and 2mph more!) out of an 8litre V10 and only two turbos. 0-60 2.9 seconds 0-100 5.6 seconds...and as for the price! dodge is £130,000 and the bugatti is £840,000 and theyre claiming its a one off mental supercar and nothing will touch it... id take the dodge anyday
  4. aye, remember that. that fibreglass CAN turn green if its not looked after properly. youll need to start polishing all the parts every weekend
  5. what other parts you got? if you got anything but veilside parts ill have them off you after my holiday
  6. bit of a daft question really. once youve gone turbo theres no going back is the way i see it honestly B)
  7. cheers for replys :D people dont even say they think the scoops alright. its either total boll0x or amazing. i think because its black it blends it a lot more than lighter colours and doesnt make it as obvious plus when i get my apexi the airs going right onto it i suppose? even if it proves just for show i like it. but yeah ive ordered a chrome mr2 badge from toyota so will be putting that on this saturday it does look too blank at the back i see your point.
  8. ive got an mr2 turbo with 180kph on the dials. as i cant afford to upgrade the dials to mph and get it delimited i was looking for a set of dials with mph on the inside and 180kph on the outside like the originals so you dont need to adjust the needles, preferably white dials as its an upgrade at the same time. any you can recommend? cheers
  9. Got a nice day for once so waxed car up n put my toms scoop on and flush back centre panel. I know these scoops arent to everyones taste but sod it, i think it looks smart.
  10. they mean if you dont want your excess and insurance to go up dont use them as then they will 'know about it' if you yourself and the other insurance company sort it and they admit their fault then your insurance wont be affected
  11. the blacks wheels look great on black or red best id say. fair few people off all the 2 forums wanting to do this now :D
  12. i didnt even think about any discount cards, thought shell were just robbing ******s anyway. mines due in the post in the next 14 days so ill ask to upgrade when im in next, hes seen me in there 3 times in the last 2 days lol
  13. aye will do mate :D how do you sign up for them Optimax membership cards by the way? ← Sign up for the plus points card online at www.shell.co.uk .... they will send one out to you... its blue n silver.... then if you use it 3 times to fill up at shell (obviously) with optimax.. they should offer to 'upgrade' you to the optimax card ← i was actually takin the ***** cos its so **** expensive but if there is such thing ill get one ordered. cheers :D
  14. its a 93 k reg rev2. late replys i know but ive been out in it all day
  15. aye will do mate :D how do you sign up for them Optimax membership cards by the way?
  16. Fizz - cheers. yeah you know i dont drive fast.... your confident itll pass lol :D its mint am sure it will, especially for a rev1 aswel. whole tank of petrol in 2 days... lol
  17. Turbo insurance is a stinger but its worth every penny the grin you get :D Standard apart from steering wheel and front clears. Also sprayed the alloys black to make it look a bit more aggressive. I think it really suits the car but ive had mixed opinions so far ;)
  18. im pretty sure the turbo button is a turbo timer, very nice setup and looks standard
  19. mr2nut123

    New Pics

    She looks real nice mate ! and YES, i want that spoiler !! ← it might look nice but......I DONT OWN IT ANYMORE! :( guys just driven it away. totally gutted after all the money and work put into it. but ive got my 20th birthday to look forward to. dark side?
  20. mr2nut123

    New Pics

    nope. official autopista. got it from gtschris for a good price but it has to go with the car tomorrow! someones snatched up a good deal on my baby :( p.s. thanks for all the replys
  21. mr2nut123

    New Pics

    thanks for the replys so far.. the front and rear black lips are getting done this saturday but yeah you are right. i got the sideskirt done as its metal it could be sprayed with no plastic primer so was easily done. for the lips to be done they need to be plastic primered to be done properly and didnt want to do a quick bodge job
  22. mr2nut123

    New Pics

    new digital camera so thought id try it out on the 2. no reason at all for posting but thought id prove whites the best colour *runs*
  23. good idea. seem to remember someone on about the same thing at york :D top day! hows it goin lad?
  24. mr2nut123

    Rev2 Turbo

    Looking to buy a rev2 tbar turbo (or maybe good rev1, but prefferably rev2) in about 6-7 weeks time. im looking to pay around the 2.5k mark but can stretch to a bit more if the right car comes along. all i ask is that the engine is very well looked after, the bodywork doesnt matter as much but cant be a rust bucket. will have cash waiting but can p/x my immaculate rev2 n/a if for any reason you cant afford to run the tubby and want the awesome 2 looks with less running costs. if you think you may have something of interest, please post up or pm Cheers Luke
  25. anyone got one for sale? just bought a new stereo and wanting a flipout dash tv to go with it. cheers
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