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  1. link edited. ive bought a blaupunkt mp3 player with 2 av inputs so the sound is sorted from my xbox. now im after a tft unit cheap. anyone got one for sale?
  2. ok im a complete idiot to this so need a step by step guide from anyone here whos done this. great idea for mp3s etc. i want to buy this screen from ebay: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...item=5797226224 and then this for my xbox: cgi.ebay.co.uk/Joytech...dZViewItem ok, the problem is the motoized screen looks to me like it uses your cig lighter for the power, OR can you wire this into your stereos power and then use the cig lighter to power your xbox using that adapter? also, im wanting to play mp3s off my xbox, will this come out of my cars speakers or do i have to buy anything else? any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
  3. its ok mate. mine did this a while back. needed a new radiator fitting and it lost most of its water, slight smoke from the back so i pulled over, turned it off and called for it picking up. no damage what so ever to the engine but it could have been bad if i kept on driving :(
  4. mr2nut123

    Mk2 Exhaust

    wanting the loudest n/a exhaust for sale possible. can exchange for my old exhaust with some cash your way if your wanting a standard exhaust and your current ones too loud. not looking to spend massive money and would prefer a twin exit but will consider huge single exits. cheers.
  5. mr2nut123

    My New 2

    people at last realising white 2's are the best B) http://www.imoc.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?t=12366
  6. alternator prob. mine did this last month. quite expensive aswel :(
  7. lmao i pointed that out to him but he said were all wrong and should just put all our right hand drivers in the scrappers
  8. very nice mate.. it looks so nice on a white 2! :) ← cheers mate B) . as you will have guessed im biased to white 2's but ive got to agree with you on that one :D
  9. Foliotec red transparent tinting spray from halfauds. 14.99 for a tin. spray about 7-8 layers on leaving each layer for 5mins to dry or use heatgun/hair dryer to make sure it doesnt drip. it shines dark orange so should still pass MOT
  10. i know ive seen it about before on ricos car (cheers mate :D) but ive gone and followed his instructions and the lights look 10times better and more up to date (i think) heres a few pics: B)
  11. i had this and alternator went and car wouldnt start, i wouldnt just ignore it if i were u.
  12. www.cclonline.com awesome warehouse based company so low running costs etc. really cheap and ace service.
  13. if u want loud kit..got pipercross mate. sound absolutely amazing on n/a
  14. hi mate. im from bradford and i just looked in autotrader. theres mint rev1s going for that price just dont be too fussy for colour and mods, go standard and dont be put off by mileage aslong as its got FSH. mines on 107k and looks and goes twice as good as most out there
  15. click like these. im sure u dont mind me posting your car bibbs :D
  16. ok ive noticed a few pics of rev3 and clear lights with all 4 parts lit up, asin 4 bulbs red at the back. how is this done? i really want to do it on mine. instructions appreciated if anyones got any?
  17. anyone got any mp3/wavs of a mongoose on an n/a mk2? or videos even better. much appreciated
  18. mr2nut123

    Ebay Scoops

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...ssPageName=WDVW what you rekon guys, any good? 85quid aint bad even if the fit isnt toms quality
  19. ok, got myself a decent insurance quote for the turbo and want to go ahead now. ive got a mint white 1993 rev2 n/a and am looking for more power. ive posted about this before but basically im after someone who cant really afford to run the tubby anymore, because of family, house costs etc. and looking to still keep a 2, but with less maintenance and petrol costs. any revision turbo will be considered and aslong as its mechanically sound with good history not too fussy about dodgy bodywork. anyone out there considering the change to an n/a please get in touch via pm
  20. iev got white footwell neons installed in my 2, they look great and not the usual blue colour. by the way, blues the only colour neons that are illegal as its police colour etc. and aslong as ppl cant see the actual bulb all other colours are road legal
  21. just bought a pipercross from james1760 for my rev2. it seriously does make a huge difference after 3k revs. it isnt just trick of the mind i even took a few mates for a spin and they could tell the power difference, although its not a 'kicking you back in your seat' power increase, its deffinately noticeable. drifts easier off the roundabout, sounds awesome. it sounds like ive put a meaty exhaust on it, and makes a wiked sucking noise when you first plant your foot down. cant stop driving it now :D
  22. lol soz, was silly swear filter making it unviewable
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