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  1. look sweet as! also where can i get them from cheap, replica ones kicking about?
  2. Queen is English? Don't you mean Queens' English?
  3. Basically, i know a lot of you on here at into IT and theres a fair few IT managers kicking about. I'm looking for a chance to get into IT role. I'm currently doing my MSCE course and have worked with computers for many! years now, upgrading, building, troubleshooting, installing etc. Im in the Bradford/Leeds area but can travel if necessary. Cheers :)
  4. Is this you?? ← phwor, now thats a car B) only reason i wont get one as next car is petrol for the thing
  5. thats ace! quality neons that go with the music, not affordable by chavs, cant find this sort a stuff in your local halfauds lol.
  6. good lad. rev1 spoilers by far the smoothest spoiler and doesnt look over the top. combined with autopista is the meanest spoiler B)
  7. fair does. mines official got it quite cheap aswel. looks so smooth and looks like it should be there. either autopista or a big gt wing
  8. get the rev2 side bits and an autopista spoiler from rogue, will make it look well smooth. just bought mine from gtschris from imoc
  9. thats gotta be some major g-force. what bhp you rekon that was runnin?
  10. yea great meet. that top secret skyline shiiiiiiiit! that wa cool. dude with the red mr2 turbo who went past in the convoy, was that a video u were recording when u went past, if so gerit posted :D
  11. ey up, just got back. ********in awesome day, played. never been to one of them before, think ill be goin to some more defo. any vids or pics then?
  12. exactly what i was gonna say. look at the 2 side parts of the spoiler, theyre well big compared to original and the spoilers a lot higher. i think it looks ace! i prefer the autopista spoiler on the silver 2 next to it tho B) excellent car and i like the border/toms mixture of the scoops, taking the thin look of border ones and making them flow over the car, looks awesome! only thing thats wrong is rear lights altho it suits that car more than other 2's
  13. lol geeks like him always come up with the "go get a girlfriend" line out of the blue cos theyre either !Removed! or cant get one themselves neway
  14. thats the thing that pisses me off about my n/a at the moment. i DO beat most stuff that you just said when driving it hard. but every1 thinks my car will naff anything on the road but it wont. turbos are just so hard to run at my age so i just play the "im too kool for racin" card
  15. i have a stock rev2 n/a, will getting ecu remapped and messed about with help my car at all?
  16. lol its the ramp to dads bodyshop. its very steep and that plastic sheets under my car have a gud scraping when its in for stuff
  17. lol what a !Removed! reply. i am entitled to my opinion, precious children blah blah uve said it about a million times already u goon. rogue, mr2 specialist wouldnt sell them if they were nova tackle. i think its you who has the real problems..
  18. i bet hes some old codger who doesnt have a life/taste so just trys to rip other peoples stuff. how can anyone say projects red 2 is bad? the clear lights make the rear end of that, its awesome.
  19. im in bradford with this 2. theres fizz near me also in a blue gts. few black and red 2's flying about aswel
  20. yea. but only as second choice. how is that chav??
  21. about lexus lights, whys there so many people on here who say ***** about them just because some chavs have them? the mr2 ones are designed well and look great! as soon as the word lexus is typed they come straight on the forum "OMG OMG OMG LEXUS, YOU CHAV. HALFAUD TACKLE" sick of hearing the same :censor: over n over.
  22. ok basically, this company will tint my front windows VERY slightly, not reducing visability and they said its legal. they wouldnt take on the job if they ran the risk of a fine or warnings.
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