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  1. who nicked the other zorst ;)
  2. Anyone around the bradford/leeds area who could do me windows tints really cheap? just wanting the back 3 windows doing on my mk2. cheers
  3. mr2nut123

    Oh Dear

    apart from the daft ***** on the bonnet that cars beauty
  4. rash bring that nsx, if not u can come in my TWIN!!!! turbo mr2 with 271bhp (beat ya fizz) lol
  5. mini coopers are fairly quick, take it past 6000rpm those engines are built for it
  6. mr2nut123

    Mk1 Mr2

    ok im currently in the process of gettin a turbo mk2. from past experience what are they like to run? fuel costs, parts going wrong etc. ive got a mk2 n/a at the moment, how will it compare? cheers
  7. yeah i noticed that aswel. i was on fone yesturday and reason imports are so high is because the parts have to come from japan so what?? and something to do with a rear fog light. they really dont know what the hell theyre on about
  8. lol £230 for insurance?!?!?! try adding an extra 0 to the end of that and thats what im about to pay. think yourself lucky :D
  9. well i dont really know as i havent driven a rev3 but i heard there was many safety updates such as massive bars down the doors,air bag, strengthened bodywork etc. which added weight so the engine was increased to make up for it. im sure theyre just about equal in speed overall but people with rev3's like to think otherwise :P i could be wrong and will probably get slatted for it but sod it :D
  10. agree with the greenday - basketcase one totally. boulvard of broken dreams is a classic too
  11. My rear right hand side wheel is pointing inwards very slighly but is making my ride really uncomfy and unstable as its draggin to the left constantly. I took it to a garage today and a bar coming from the suspension is bent about an inch which need to be replaced. When thats done there is a bar at the back which can be adjusted with a turning bolt in the middle which SHOULD bring the wheel back to its correct position. This guy was going to charge £25 an hour for it and couldnt even give me an estimate :? anyone know where i can get this job done cheap? Maybe some traders discount. Im in the Bradford area but will travel a fair bit for the right price. Cheers in advance.
  12. exactly. sometimes its bad having an n/a mr2 because they look so crazy and then a shi clio burns u off :( NOT good. turbo time i rekon
  13. lol, its annoying when **** cars like this have big engines. end up looking like a rite fool :(
  14. lol im sure i told u about the wheel 10times over. and where were you when i put my foot down in 3rd and left u eatin that caravans dust :D once im at 60 its away and away from ya but its ********in quick 0-60 car mate, for a 1.6 its very fast
  15. yea wa a big turnout. wanted to see the supra :( what he rekon to the scooby by the way?
  16. lol i know what u mean about them 15" pizzas even tho i didnt go today. i normally end up doggy bagin a few pieces for tea :D
  17. im sure that was dead compared to saturdays but was still packed and the bowling wait for 1 1/2 hours for one lane
  18. yea same. i only really knew fizz and firthy there. every1 seemed sound but didnt get chance to talk to many of ya since i cudnt afford franky n bennys lol. need to get another meet going again soon ppl, book the bowling next time
  19. Thanks.. white 2's do rule Just wish she was a Turbo that would stop Fizz winding me up with the wife.. :D ← ah so it was yours then mate where did u get them bomex scoops? yeah mine was the white 2 parked next to yours with the lexus (chav) lights. they actually suit white 2's tho so i dont care what ppl say lol. mines an n/a aswel :( bad when u hear them dump valves going off and theyre off in the distance. trying to think who you were now. i wa the guy with brown hoody on.
  20. yea good to see loads a new cars and ppl. was too skint to do franky n bennies lol. like said in earlier post, shame about bowling that wuda been a laugh. ah wel, the sega rally machines got few quids :D whos was that awesome white turbo with bomex air scoops? tidy car mate, white 2's rule dont they
  21. someone stole the other exit off the right hand side?
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