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  1. ive had this problem lately with my n/a, im having to fill up alllllll the time. it wasnt this bad before? any ideas?
  2. you got the spot on for these. no wonder you put this image first in your list
  3. hes means yea u can follow us firthy :P good to see lots of mr2s goin
  4. sod it, im with jim on this one. the car after is a LOT better. lost the daft decals (i used to like these but theyre a bit chav) only prob i have is the black bonnet. jim, spray that back red and your 2's a minter
  5. gotta say that is one of the nicest 2's ive seen ever never mind this forum. the veilside kit is the best kit out there except! for that dumb front bumper, with a border one looks class
  6. exactly what i thought. same material and chrome tops etc, its only to take in air. im sure because it says apexi on it, its not going to be much better..
  7. want this induction kit and it looks just as good as any other more expensive kit (i dont know much about them but im sure most of its just hype and the make?) anyway, what you reckon to this. cheers http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...7946150974&rd=1
  8. Pfft...and look like every other mk2 commoner lol ! White is right ← lmao, too true :D yo, when i renew next year im getting a white turbo hopefully, got quite a good quote considering age n that
  9. well then uve got style aswel mate cheers for comments n all
  10. cheers for all the compliments ppl. i got slated on mr2oc for having my custom sunvisor i designed using illustrator. its the mk3 logo but it took a fair while designing perfect for cutting out etc. :P cheers bud, but yours is still the daddy and uve got a 3s-gte behind u :ffs: lol :D next is shocks, my cars a bit wobbly atm, might get whole new suspension. also saving up for that rear spoiler that just extends higher than the rev1/2 current one then veilside skirts and border bumper, just trying to keep it looking smooth and not go chavish on it. yea mate got that from toyota when u give us the product code and only recently put it on when i got my rear lexus and fizz, i saw u slip your mum a 5er when u asked her which colour was best :D
  11. Ok i know im gonna get slatted by some for rear lexus (chav) lights but i reckon they go well with the car, it been white n all. Just got 17's put on and thought i'd show you all the pics :) P.s. thanks to Fizz! for the digi cam. (dont cry mate )
  12. nope. im with you on that swales. second choice would be quads from rogue tho
  13. ive got the exact same problem. is it unsafe or just a niggly thing? also how much would it cost to replace them all? i can get them fitted for free thats no problem just want stock ones cheapest you can get that will last. cheers
  14. looks like you can still pop the lights up and use the stupid lights on top as disco lights
  15. hehe its fizz you gotta watch out for mate hes got the turbo :D mines 2litre i suppose lol
  16. hi guys. added a thread on mr2oc earlier trying to get more ppl coming with mr2s but then realised it might only be for toc members so removed it. would it be a problem members from mr2oc coming? just wanted to ask for everyones opinion before asking.
  17. count me in for sure, should have the new alloys on n all :D
  18. mr2nut123

    Mr2 Fogs

    anyone got a spare pair? some scally smashed one of mine in (the right side one if your standing at the front of the car) will obviously pay for postage and the item itself just thought someone on here might have some theyre not usin :D
  19. Older pics without lexus lights but what the hell :D (its white so it should be in the top 3 anyway LOL )
  20. Ministry of sound - big tunes...the whole 2 cds :P
  21. mr2nut123


    now thats one MINT car mate. liking that rear lexus with the silver, goes well just ordered my lexus lights and centre panel off you today, that was me earlier :P
  22. nice bumper. love the vent things on the bottom of bumper but not keen on them circular headlights. just my opinion on that, would prefer normal crystals like jim said. but nice cara anyway
  23. 300 free txts a month eh, not bad. think ill be changin tarif :P
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