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  1. The point is that I'd like to enjoy music while sitting in traffic, and the original speakers installed in the Avensis sound really crappy. so I'm looking to improve...
  2. I'd like to upgrade the factory installed front speakers in Avensis 2012. What size/type should I look for ?
  3. One of the new rear speakers is vibrating at higher volume when the track played has significant bass content. It stops vibrating if lowering the volume or bass level. Is this a speaker defect or faulty installation ?
  4. I have attached photos of the original speaker taken out of my Avensis 2012. New 6.5" coaxial speakers (Infinity 6532I) were nicely fit in place of the originals. The sound is way much better now. The originals as you can see are really very cheap and crappy speakers.
  5. From what I was able to find out so far from various sources, the front speakers are 6X9 component set. the twitters are located in the top side corners of the dashboard (in fron near the glass). The rear door speakers are either 5.25-inch or 6.5-inch. I'm hopeful that a 6.5 speaker would fit if installed on top of the old speaker frame after cutting the inside of the speaker and removing it. I'll report back when I have more info.
  6. Thanks. I found the other thread which has very useful info. I guess I'll have to take off the rear door panel to see what speakers Toyota installed in the 2012 model, and continue from there.
  7. Can anyone tell me what speaker size(s) would fit in the rear doors of the 2012 model ?
  8. The rear door speakers sound realy bad, so I'm looking for replacement speakers. what size would fit in the exisisting holes ? Does the original HU (touch and go) have pre-amp line outputs for external amp ?
  9. Welcome to the Toyota forums kalda01 :)