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  1. Well, I ended up speaking at length with Connects2 technical department, and they confirmed after physically testing it themselves that the CTVTYX002 doesn't work with the W13801. Unfortunate given the claims on some vendors' websites to the contrary! I just thought I'd leave this info here, in case anyone comes up against the same problem. The search goes on...
  2. Hi guys, Right, where to begin!? I have a late 2006 ('56 plate) Yaris and would like to install an aux interface for connecting my iPhone to the factory stereo. The model number for the stereo is W13801 and a picture of the available ports is below: After doing a lot of reading around, I decided the Connects 2 CTVTYX002 would be what I needed, so I ordered one of Amazon. A picture of the unit and cable is below: As you can see there are basically three parts to this device, the box thing (into which you connect your RCA/mini-jack), a y-cable for connecting to the box (I believe this would be all you need for one of the older style head units) and a second y-cable for connecting the old style cable to the newer style head unit. Each y-cable features a third end which as far as I can gather is supposed to be a receptacle for plugging in the cable that would be in the CD changer port, if present (port B, above) - however as there is no existing cable in my case these are unused. The installation is supposed to be straightforward: 1. Disconnect power supply from the head unit (port D - though I disconnected everything just to be on the safe side) - this is apparently necessary for the Connects 2 unit to properly initialise 2. Connect terminus 2-2 to port B (the CD changer port) 3. Reconnect the power supply The Connects 2 is then supposed to be accessible from the the dash by pressing the CD button twice - it is after all posing as a CD changer. I've tried installation several times now, and it's just not playing ball. Everything is firmly connected, and even with my iPhone plugged in and playing out audio signal, it's impossible to access the Connects 2 using the CD button on the front of the stereo. So, what am I doing wrong!? I've been reading through many of the related threads on here and unfortunately haven't been able to find the answer to my problem. Is this radio unit just not compatible? Have I got a dud Connects 2 box? If anyone out there has successfully managed this installation I'd be so grateful for your advice! Many thanks! Rhydian
  3. Hi everyone, Just joined up, wanted to say hi here and introduce myself. Happy owner of a 2006 Yaris. All the best, Rhyd
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums Rhydian :)

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      Cheers mate, looking forward to getting to know some of you good people.

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