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  1. Yes, The garage to be fair are doing everything to fix the problems! they just changed the Oil pump sensor and are going to get the toyota garage tot change the lift Bolts? they say I should have the car by Friday. They also say I will get the further 3 months warranty from when I pick up the car. I hope it will all be ok.
  2. Hi all, I have sent them a detailed email of what has occurred. all is below Dear Richard, As you know I purchased a Toyota Corolla T Sport reg - RV53CZT on 9th August 2012 for £2800, which included a 3 month warranty. on the 5th September I encountered a loud knocking sound from within the engine, I called Thompsons garage and was advised to get the car towed to your site, which I did. After looking at the problem you decided to change the engine, I picked up the car ( 20th September ) having the understanding the car had been fixed. I drove the car 17 miles before deciding to see how t
  3. Thnaks so much for all the info will try and use it to see what they say, If they cant fix the problem I will see if they are willing to give me my money back. Thanks again
  4. The Garage are now telling me it is bad for the car to be revved at 6000 rpm?????? surely not?? I am getting the feeling they are trying to push this on to me as being my fault???
  5. Is it possible they may have put in the wrong engine? as I have no lift?
  6. Has anyone had this problem with the 3 warning lights coming on before as I had this same problem with the previous engine?
  7. Hi all, The engine has been put in and seemed to be ok, but then tried to test to see if the car would lift at 6200 rpm no lift and Engine management light comes on along with VSC and TRC OFF. So I took it back and was told that the warning lights are normal when new engine has be put in. I then told him about the Lift problem so they have decided to hold on to the car until they can look in to it further. What do you guys think?
  8. At the same time is there also a chance the car will run better than before?
  9. Not done that yet but will do it now. thanks for the advice really appreciate it.
  10. only had the car for 3 and half weeks
  11. Hi all, I am still waiting for the garage to put my engine back in, they recon they will do it tonight and turn the Key to see if the car is Ok. They say its the only time they will be able to see what the engine is like? I am getting more and more worried about how my car is going to run. Has anyone got any advice of what I can say If the car is not up to scratch? can I still get my money back?
  12. I wish I knew your car was for sale earlier. might have bought it of you.
  13. They say they are going to put the whole engine in?
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