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  1. Thanks for that. I was getting frustrated with all the bugs on my system. I will head to the dealer tomorrow and ask for the firmware to be sorted. Mine is a D unit on 1011 and 1512 so a lot of bugs on the nav. Some are not listed above, such as an incorrect language string “traffic ralenti” Out of interest, is there anywhere we can look up the current releases so we can keep abreast of changes?
  2. Just a quick tip for those that have just taken delivery. I mentioned in my previous post that I could not find a way to temporarily shut up the parking sensors. On the old model there was a button on the screen. It was not intuitive, but pressing the OK button on the steering wheel does it now. Niggles aside, this new model is excellent. It certainly feels a lot better put together with less creaks and rattles. Really am impressed.
  3. I was watching the excellent fullychargedshow on YouTube and it’s host, Robert Llewelyn aka Kryten from Red Dwarf and host of scrap heap challenge etc was talking about this very thing and part of the chat involved a New York taxi driver who’s Prius was on its original battery at 670K miles. The rest of the car was falling to bits but the battery was fine.
  4. Anyone know if there are any software updates yet? I seem to have a few issues although a couple of them could just be me being a muppet. First is the sat nav, it keeps locking up. Sometimes it freezes, other times the name of the road does not change. Either of these are fixed with switching the car off and back on but three times yesterday and five today is annoying. Next is the park assist. On my 2017 RAV4 this worked really well. On occasion u would need to silence it, such as if you are in a drive through as passing the wall will set it off. On that year is was easy, just touch the little speaker icon on the screen, job done. On my 2020 model the screen is the panoramic one and there is no icon to shut the park assist up. I have looked through a few menus but cannot find anything. It is quite annoying in a drive through beeping constantly. Next is my inability to find any level controls. On the old model under general I could change the volumes of announcements, beeps and traffic camera warnings. I cannot find any of these on the new system. Of all the really annoying beeps this thing makes, such as when cruise control goes half a mph over the speed limit, the one useful beep that used to exist on the old system was traffic camera warning. I cannot seem to find a setting for that to beep anywhere. So going through the setting another bug and that is the back button on the steering wheel. You seem to be able to not use it for anything on the main screen, only on the dash. What tool of a software engineer came up with that. Hopefully that can get rectified or the button on the steering wheel is pointless, Other annoying things I hope get sorted are cancelling a route, it now takes three presses to do instead of just two on the old system. Is there a way to go directly to POI search? Currently I do a search wait for it to fail then I am allowed a POI search. And finally, if I make a phone call from the steering wheel it comes up on the list on the dash, but not on the main screen so I cannot select favourites etc. However, if I make a call the same way while navigating I loose the map from the main screen as well as the arrows etc on the dash screen. Makes me want to beat the developer and beta tester around the face with a kipper. It is just annoying that Toyota get so much right but seem to go backwards in the software department for each step they take forward.
  5. Not too far from Surrey but this company near me have a very good reputation for this kind of repair. They do the head skim and everything else at a decent price. A few people I know have used them and have been very happy. While I have not used them myself, the same people have been running it for a few decades which is usually a good sign.
  6. Won’t let me on my iPad, at least it won’t in the profile section. Don’t want to clutter this thread with forum problems so will take a look later when I get home and if I still cannot sort it I will start a fresh thread in the relevant place.
  7. It makes you wonder why they do not do that as part of the handover really. Thanks for the rest of the info.
  8. Took delivery of my Excel in Obsidian Blue today. Certainly much quieter Than my older 2017 RAV4 was. There are a few things I prefer eon the old car, such as the bigger glove box, it had a glasses holder in the roof and the split arm rest. I actually prefer the cup holders in the old model too as they held a 500ml Coke Zero bottle without it wobbling around all over the place. First thing I asked was about the upgrade to CarPlay and was told it would be available in May and cost 200-300, well it had better not or the car gets serviced elsewhere. Still find the always to home page on startup frustrating too, maybe a software update will change that in the future. On my oLd car you could access Siri, and probably google assistant too, by holding the voice button. Took me a while to work out this does not work on the new car, instead you hold the phone button. Makes sense I suppose. Onto the apps, cannot Male head nor tail of that yet. I go to the apps page, start estore and all it does is tells me estore is installed. Are there any other apps? How do I search for parking or fuel? Good to see the search is indeed powered by google rather the the terrible tomtom places that ended up on the old car. Finally, anyone know what connected services are available in the MyT app? I installed that and entered the Vin. It recognised the car but does not yet know the registration understandably. However, it tells me I need to visit a dealer to get connected services activated. Are there any? Is it worth my time?
  9. They have always been helpful to me in the past. You can only ask
  10. I think Leaseplan often used a Swindon based dealer. Glad we don’t use leaseplan anymore.
  11. Mine too had the same problem. The software upgrade fixed it as Devon Aygo said. It did pop up again in a later update but that was also fixed. If you have purchased map updates then you can do the update yourself and fix the issue.
  12. I’ll bet mine does not have Airplay, I will find out Monday. By May it will probably be due a service so if available I will get the upgrade.
  13. I certainly hope it has returned. I found that to be the most useful thing on the built in sat nav as it finds everything. When it vanished on the older model last year I was really miffed,TomTom search is blooming useless.
  14. Google search in my car was dropped some time back (2017 RAV4 Hybrid Excel) and replaced with TomTom search which is frankly cack. If I search for a POI so far it has failed to find anything, before however it could find almost everything. I wrote to Toyota support and they responded the feature was dropped as not enough people were using it. Google street view still works but not a lot of use if I cannot find somewhere in the first place. If it works on the new car I will be happy.