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  1. Hi i just need advice please. The car only just made it through the the recent mot emissions test (passed with no adviserys) I am not happy with the emissions result and after a bit of research i think my cat and maybe the injecters are dirty. I have also noticed the car has lost a bit of it's mojo (it's a little bit sluggish for a 1.8) and bad fuel comsumption i also i don't drive on motorways only around town now and then i only use it maybe three times a week if that (Bottom line is i like the car and it's reliability so i don't want to sell) I have found a product called cataclean the reviews seam pretty good and i have most of the symptoms listed by them Has anyone else used this or can recomend a better product?? The car is very well maintaned (has been serviced ) and i have done the c/belt i have uploaded my test results
  2. andrewm1


    Hi can anyone advise me on where to get the Bulb's for the demister and hazard buttons .I have looked at the local spares shop but nothing It's a 98 avensis 1.8GS
  3. Hi sorry i cant offer any help but you might think about sealing the car underneath i have just done mine and has taken 2 days to complete it's a messy job but for peace of mind i know it's done as i intend to keep the car
  4. Hi i have not done it yet as mot and tax are coming up for renewal so once that's over with then i will be changing all the belts , she is only on 108.000 miles and i only drive around 2/3000 miles p/year
  5. Hi i think i need to change my PS Fluid as it looks dirty and the car screeches @ full lock , i have looked @ the Haynes book but it doesn't give much detail. Does it need bleeding? if so where and how? Another point is that apart from screeching at full lock (and occasionally sometimes screeching while normal turning ) the rev's drop when this happens, The belt is tight so i am thinking maybe a new pump?? if the new fluid makes no difference Any advice guys thanks
  6. sorry for the late reply but thanks it's will get one just as i thought
  7. Hi is it advisable to buy a torque wrench to use when i change my cambelt kit ?? i don't think i will be using it for anything else car is a 98 avensis 1.8GS 109.000 on the clock
  8. Thanks i will check it out tomorrow
  9. Hi thanks for replying i just checked and it has the fuse you mentioned but it's ok not blown .... so im thinking relay ?? also according to auto trader spec list this model has heated mirrors now how the hell do i find the relay ?? I just checked my hanes book and it shows how to remove the heated mirror wires from the glass but thats as far as it tells me
  10. Hi sorry for bringing this old thread up again but i took my cover off my mirror and found two wire connected to the mirror glass but there is no power to them with the demister on any help on this maybe a fuse somewhere??
  11. The timing belt does not drive the water pump on the 7AFE Engine
  12. Hi i will be changing my cam belt including the water pump in the next 2 weeks I Just need advice on where to get the parts i have looked on eBay but unsure on the quality of them Parts i am looking for are Cam belt kit Water pump (As well as that small hose from the pump to the block) And the P/S - AC and the Alternator Belt Thanks 1998 Avensis 1.8 GS
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