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  1. on my 08 this happed when the brake switch failed, fitted new one same again after about 1yr, now strip it cleane it and been fine ever since. no fault showed up on test.
  2. battleaxe


    As far as I know the XT R hasn't but I think the 180 may have sorry can't be more specific B A
  3. battleaxe


    brake light switch can cause dash to light too come, swich can be stripped and clean the contacts, cheapes place to start B.A
  4. the switch comes apart and the contact cleaned done it to mine twice in 6yrs B-A
  5. my xtr had the vindb31v, bought 2nd hand with 16000mile, at 21000 had the remanufactured units fitted, now on 32000 on this replacement, still uses a bit of oil, been blanked egr from it being installed and runs a treat on esso or shell fuel, BG 224 once a year, 150 mm of t/stroke in with 30lts of fuel with every fill up, used as a tug from time to time, love my RAV but still have a fear of it giong pop. B-A
  6. check brake light switch first, about £14.00
  7. apart from the filter, why bother with the service, none of the oil the the sump has anywere near the milage, 1lt to 1000 mile is a joke and the enine it at fault, even the recognised 1pt to 621 mile is a joke on today tolerances, something a miss and should be investigated by an engineer not a so called garage technician who in my exierience of my last service was a complete idiot. B-A
  8. sounds like brake light switch, just had to change mine for same reason B-A
  9. Thank to this site for the heads up on this problem it was sorted with a new brake switch for the spare no expence cost of £13.80 from motor part Regard B-A
  10. your 3/4 engine will have another number, you should get the eng. no. off the garage that did the exchange as you have to tell the DVLA of the change and you will get a new up dated document. don't make the same error I did and put 2AD in front of your number when filling in your old V5 doc. as according to the garage that changes mine said it is no longer stamped on the block and did not appear on the paper work I got from them. maybe this is a way to tell if it has had the updated block fitted? B-A
  11. just pointing out the 136 can be blanked off
  12. But the 136 rav 4-3 take a blank no problem, had one in for 25000 now and runs a treat B-A
  13. cheers for that Colin, no idea about the vsc button, I don't know about it myself, just hope he got it right. Geordie
  14. hi all, took the rav 4-3 for the m o t and the guy put in on the brake machine, now I always thought you should not do this as it could damage the rear drive clutch, when I queried this he said it only applied to permanent 4 wheel drive motors, can anyone confirm this, thank in advance. B-A
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