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  1. Whining engine? I know exactly what's wrong. Your engine is married. Just get your engine a divorce and the whining will go away.
  2. WIth any car you can never guarantee that you wont have any problems, but I could safely say that the Aygo has been one of the most reliable cars I have owned. It is the 5th car I have owned from new, and is the only one to give me no problems at all in the first year of ownership. I you have a browse of this forum you will see that people have had minor issues, but they generally easy to fix, and you will find a lot more positive comments than negative! At least if you do have any problems the parts are generally cheap and easy to fit, and because the Aygo/C1/107 use the same parts they are very widely available. I say go for it!
  3. An update.... I had a phone call today from my local Toyota dealer (Steven Eagell in Watford), because Toyota told them I was having a problem. I tool my Aygo Go them to show them the problem. They could get it working and also tried in another Aygo Go, and have reported the problem back to Toyota. I am not expecting a magic fix but was really, really impressed with the way both Toyota and the dealer have dealt with it.
  4. I got my Aygo in August last year so yours is not that much older. Phone is fine and syncs with a PC, and works on a Speaker Dock. All the problems started straight after the OS Upgrade. It does still charge the battery, it just doesnt play music throught the connector. I have tried using USB but I dont think you can play music from an iPhone via the USB Port. I thought that was just to charge other mobile phones and to plug in a USB Pen to play music. I will give it a try though. Making calls is OK as this is done by Bluetooth. Its just the music playback that doesnt work. The only solution at the moment is to charge the phone on the dock connector, and play music using the 3.5mm AUX Socket. A bit messy but is works!
  5. Aaron are you running yours on Broadband lol I seem to be getting the better mpg on here then lol? I thought 320-370 the average but tonight there was strong winds coming back from work... We all know what that means :( The varying results depending on there you buy petrol are strange because I had always thought petrol was petrol. Asda do not refine petrol and just purchase wholesale from a refiner, so it will be the same petro, you would get from one of the other big brands. As for V-Power and BP Ultimate, they will have different additives that (allegedly) affect performance, but at a price. Do the performance fuels really improve performance, especially in a little 1 litre engine, and if there are additives you are probably getting 95% fuel and 5% additives. Maybe I am wrong but I have always thought these special fuels are a bit of a money making scam, just like a pub watering down their beer to make more profit. I would guess the additives cost less to produce than the fuel, and they sell at a higher price than standard fuel. Let be realistic, the last thing the petrol companies want is a fuel that provides more MPG, in the same way they do not want the electric car to become the standard. It's all just marketing hype.
  6. I have updated the TomTom with all updates and I still cannot connect my iPhone. I have tried another iPhone running iOS4 and that works, so I know the problem is related to the iOS6 update, and the phone worked before being updated to iOS6. Grinner82, the only difference I can see is that you are using an iPhone 4S and I am using an iPhone4. I would have thought that would make too much difference. As far as I can see the Aygo Go does not support Bluetooth Audio, so other than connecting a 3.5mm lead between the iPhone and the stereo I cannot get it to work. Very annoying as I was one of the reasons for paying the extra for the Aygo Go.
  7. I have always thought road tax should be added to the cost of fuel, rather than being paid separately. The more you use the roads, and the more fuel you use, the more you pay. It would also mean that foreign vehicles are paying tax for using our roads.
  8. I managed to get hold of Toyota and discussed this with them. They advised that as the iPhone5 was only launched today it is too early for them to have a fix, but they did make a note of my reg number and my telephone number as they said they are sure they will get lots of other people with the same problem. Hopefully if enough people kick up a stink about it they will come up with a fix. They advised me to downgrade my phone to iOS5 to fix the problem!
  9. That looks really neat! I have not seen a head unit where your ipod docks inside. Can you post the model number of the head unit
  10. I have upgraded my iPhone4 to the new iOS6 and now the iPod dock in my Aygo Go does not see it. BUGGER!. When I plug the phone in the phone charges as usual, but it is no longer seen by the Aygo Stereo/TomTom Satnav, so you cannot play the music from the iPhone or control the iPhone using the Satnav. I have plugged it another iPhone which has not been upgraded to iOS6 (running iOS5) and it works OK. I am at a loss at to what to do. I am not sure it is possible to downgrade to iPhone back to iOS5. Does anyone know how the iPod dock works. Is it possible that there maybe an update for the Aygo Stereo, or would it be the TomTom that needs an update. Does anyone know if there is an e-mail address for a technical support department at Toyoto? I am going to carry on trying to get it working and speak to my Toyota dealer tomorrow, but if any of you have an iPod dock on your Aygo I would suggest waiting before upgrading to iOS6 if you want to able to dock your iPhone/iPod/iPad. I will update you all if I get any more info or manage to get if working.
  11. You could get a new stereo with an SD and USB slot, together with an Aygo Facia kit for less than the price of that adaptor. A stereo with SD and USB slot is likely to have better controls to select your music. If you do a search on eBay you can get a stereo with SD/USB support and an Aygo fitting kit for under £70
  12. My hands free has appeared to fail a few times. Whe it happens I delete the TomTom on my phone, and delete the phone on the TomTom. Let them find each other again and all is good!
  13. I have an iPod dock in the glove compartment of my Aygo. It came fitted in the car, but I am sure it would not cost much to add it afterwards. I have not had a problem with low volume and it charges my iPhone/iPad whilst they are plugged in
  14. I don't think it can be done. Pretty sure it is illegal to have video playback in the front of a car in the UK. As well as an Aygo Go I have a Mercedes CLK280 with the integrated GPS. It has a DVD slot above the GPS which carries the navigation maps, and in some countries you can remove the navigation DVD, insert a normal DVD, and press the Video button to watch it, but this features has been disables on UK models. Understandable as watching a DVD whilst driving would be more dangerous than using a mobile phone!
  15. £25.80 is a good price (but still expensive for a bit of plastic!). I have never understood why the door does not just come with the car. The manufacture cost must be in the pennies rather than the pounds.
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