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  1. Look nice; what's the eBay trader's name?
  2. Cheers. I was looking for something where I didn't have to try to run cabling for my iPod or drill a hole to get the iPod in the glovebox for example. The model number is DSX-S300BTX. I got if from amazon for about £160. They also do a non-Bluetooth version. Thanks. Home fit. Actually quite easy to do, just had to change the switched and permanent earth connections round on the Sony lead which are jumpers so no cutting of wires needed. Facia adaptor was about £4 again from Amazon and for the speakers I just got some adaptor plugs from eBay so I didn't have to cut any wires for the install. Took about 3 hours for 4 speakers (dash and door) and the head unit.
  3. For those who are interested! I've now fitted a new Sony HU as well as the Pioneer speakers. The Sony HU has built in Bluetooth with more options than the Toyota system (phonebook, audio streaming, etc.) and a built-in microphone but I've left the Toyota system connected. The Toyota system only connects to the HU using the phone mute connection so the speaker is actually built-in to the controller unit itself. The microphone connects into the box which is mounted in the centre of the dash under the stereo. Photo of the new unit in place: No CD mechanism as I don't use CDs anymore but the iPod neatly docks behind the facia so no trailing cables into the glovebox, etc: All done without cutting into any wiring (speaker adaptors bought for £1 each from ebay) so I can put everthing back to the original condition when I sell on.
  4. Just ordered some new Pioneer 10cm and 17cm speakers for my Aygo Blue as the stock ones are awful! I am thinking about getting a new head unit as I'd like one with proper iPod control and don't need a CD player but I would like to keep the Aygo Blue Bluetooth if possible. All the head units I can find only have a phone mute input, anyone know if you can get one with audio input too from the phone? (Aygo unit has inputs for mute + phone). Failing that does anyone know what connector the Aygo Bluetooth microphone uses? I'm thinking I could make up an adaptor to plug the microphone into a headunit with built in Bluetooth. I'd like to leave all the Toyota Bluetooth stuff fitted as it would be easier when I go to sell it on, and looking at the installation manual for the Bluetooth on the Aim website there are a few boxes fitted behind the head unit which I don't want to move unless really necessary. Yoggo
  5. Hi, new member from Greater London, bought a 60 plate Aygo Blue from Toyota Guildford last month as our second car to get me to work and back as cheaply as possible. First Toyota - so far so good. Yoggo
  6. Welcome to the Toyota forums Yoggo :)