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  1. Personally speaking,I spend 45-60 hours a week driving a 26 ton vehicle powered by diesel so have more than enough of them to drive a diesel car but in all truth I've never really understood the urge to run a diesel car unless you regularly tow caravans or boats. I understand that there has,for some years now until recently at least,a general trend in favour of diesel through salesmen and even government 'nudges' so it's no wonder a lot of people went down that route,including my parents but even so you couldn't convince me out of my petrol into a diesel.Not that I am now laying back with a smug grin now that diesels are losing their popularity like they're infected with the plague because the future is undoubtedly becoming darker for my beloved petrol engined cars aswell. Does it make sense? I think you pretty much answered your own question in that original post.At least,in your own terms and according to what matters to you it definitely doesn't add up but another man's poison etc means it still may make sense to someone else with different concerns although it's hard to imagine how it could but I'm sure it does to someone who does very high mileage or a lot of towing or carrying heavy loads. Again,for myself I always far preferred the way the petrol engine delivered it's power to the diesel (yeah,I know modern diesels are much smoother and higher revving but I'm bombing around in a £600 car that's nearly 18 years old,I like old cars and just not prepared to lay out thousands and thousands to buy a diesel that runs like a petrol despite being able to afford it).Petrol engines are lighter,generally handles,brakes and steer better than their equivalent diesel version.Parts are cheaper,petrol is a little bit cheaper and always has been I think and even now my cars is doing an avg of 40-42 mpg which is fantastic considering I've always been happy to get 30mpg out of any of my cars. If you do decide to part with your diesel has it lost a lot of it's resale value since the whole 'dirty cheating Volkswagen/anti-diesel' movement has swung into action ? In the now approaching 28 years I've been buying and owning cars which is now healithly passed the 75 owned mark (my T22 is 79th,I believe making the old Celica technically number 80.Bought as a parts car though makes it debatable so I don't count it).Over that span of time and the full list of cars I can say with 100% certainty that resale value has never once been a consideration,not even a passing thought but I know that the vast,vast majority of people approach car ownership from a common sense,adult perspective so resale value definitely is an important factor. I do feel sorry for all those people who bought diesel cars just as the consensus swung hard against them.Most people would have believed it made more sense because of the obvious generally held opinion that this was the case and who's to say they were wrong.Also just because the consensus has swung 180 degrees that's no reason to accept that the consensus has been corrected from previously being mistaken because the general consensus changes almost always because certain interested parties and their spokesmen tend to want it changed for their own particular agenda.If diesel was such a nonsensical option,more expensive for average use,more epensive to maintain and a lot less cleaner than believed why were they backed by so many parties who were accepted as having a clue. I'm not going down the conspiracy path but simply saying that you really should do your own homework and ultimately you're own thinking when it comes down to what actually makes sense for you rather than go with the weight of opinion as that has the habit of doing a 180 in a heartbeat without accepting any responsibility for those that believed in it and listened only to find themselves on the wrong side of the fickle court of public opinion (which isn't worth a litre of diesel if you ask me ).
  2. That looks in beautiful condition and the fact it's black and the paintwork is that good suggests a car that is cherished
  3. Here's a few photos I took last night. First of all I was fitting new rear drop links but as you can see in the photos they are shorter than the ones being replaced.Wrong links? Yes and no.They aren't Avensis links but for a Celica but I deliberately bought them as I fitted coilovers all round on my T22 and found that the standard drop links are too long to fit well with the coilovers requiring putting the bar under a great deal of tension by jacking the coilover up into the arch to compress the spring then using my 3 foot breaking bar meant for changing HGV wheel bolts forcing the anti roll bar down as far as possible to make enough distance between the two points of attatchment to make the originals fit.As a loose drop link was flagged up on the recent MOT I bought a Celica link from ebay for a tenner.Once it arrived and turned out to be shorter like I thought it would be I ordered the other and fitted one last night.The other I am about to do shortly,unforetuneately this is my only day off this week and now it's cats and dogs outside....Oh well,it's not like that hasn't been the case a thousand times before 😞 The other photos being a couple of snaps of my dodgey,untidy interior and a couple examples of shameless advertising.....or well situated owners club stickers lol
  4. fastbob72


    That's a very clan looking front end 🙂
  5. Well, we've done it again. She's got anothher years lease of life by passing the MOT monday just gone. It took a bit more work than expected including welding both outer sills, new rear caliper, brake hose, brake pipe - obviously the one that requires the petrol tank dropped - discs, pads, handbrake cable, exhaust, tyres to mention a few but again we're legal 😉😉
  6. The photos above were taken earlier this evening.That is a 2ZZ head with the head gasket for a 1ZZ laid over it.While the bolt holes appear to line up fairly well many of the oilways and water passages don't so the 2ZZ head would require modification to align everything up. Also,it's not obvious from these pics unforetunately but 2ZZ combustion chambers are s good bit larger than the 1ZZs.You would require them to be reduced in size basically to the reduced bore size of the 1ZZ .
  7. I've worked on, stripped and rebuilt a 1ZZ-FE and in the process of rebuilding and modifying a 2ZZ-GE so I would class that as having experience although I admit I don't have any at attempting to cross polinate the two engines together. I'd have to go and properly examine both engines to be definitive but intuition tells me the fact the bore and stroke alone is different between the two motors it is going to be very problematic if not next to impossible. I will come back and give a more comprehensive answer after looking at both and determining where the actual problems will arise but what is it you are actually hoping to gain from marrying the two or is simply you have a 1ZZ-FE bottom end and wonder what if?
  8. What an absolutely incredible display of stunning cranial vacancy....I never once made that connection Peter Finn being Finnish yet could it be any simpler. Well,I'll take back that remark about the Polish/Eastern European accent as the Finns are a very proud people who insist on no historical or cultural tires with their Scandanavian or Russian neighbours.I think you're right thugh about the brand change,am sure I have noticed those 3 hateful little letters B,M and W being used 😞
  9. This is a silly post really but who here has run across Peter Finn on Youtube? Many if not most of you I'm sure so what do you reckon to his channel. I've gone there once or twice and found useful info when I was in doubt but the real joy is the man's english. I'm not being cruel or nasty saying that, I. love the way the guy talks and presents his posts. I work with a couple of Polish guys and have worked with many more in the past amd find them to be great folk. I'm not sure if Peter is actually Polish or another Eastern European nationality but he makes me smile, a proper warm smile of joy not a mocking one I hasten to add. Even if the video is something I know inside out it's still a joy to watch. Anyway, I wanted to post that thought as I'm not sure if I have seen him. mentioned here before 😉😉😉
  10. Getting in shape for the torturous test once more 😔😔
  11. I have this week off work to get my car ready for the annual torture ordeal, quite easily the most stressful part of my whole year. I lifted the front carpet to get at the wiring for the rear o2 sensor, well to unclip the multi plus really and allow enough slack. to solder the connection back together. That achieved I was horrified to find all the sound deadening soaking wet in the drivers side foot well and rear foot well too. I ended up removing all the seats, carpet, trim etc and junking the lot before going over the floor and treating it, the floor was thankfully solid. Anyway, am refitting it all now and it crossed my mind with my car so low and 17 inch Celica rims a distant modification, once the rear arches are rolled there's no chance of ever accepting rear passengers. I always joke my Avensis is a 2 seater, I say jok3 but in truth I mean it. Now, if I just fail to put the rear seats and belts back in is this an MOT failure. I'm pretty sure if I had belts the seats would be required, well sort of sure but I can't help wondering if there aren't any seats and no belts is it sort of analogous to not having a spare wheel, it isn't there so doesn't need to be legal. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated as friday is looming fast. After the test, assuming she goes through the rear seats are coming back out anyway 😉😉