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  1. Put my now 15 year old T22 vvt-i in for the retest on mon 08/05 and again she went through with just 2 advisorys..... weeping power steering hose and having fully modified suspension lol.

    She's a 166,000+ miler with the infamous 1.8 vvt-i 1ZZ-FE engine that does go through oil quicker than what would normally be healthy yet she got through the emmisions test.... not just scraped through but passed well.

    Doesn't sound like an oil burner does it. She weeps oil from around the timing gear cover, the chain tensioner area which is very hard to see, I only noticed because I was right in under the engine getting between the block and bulkhead.

    The area around the piwer steering pump is slick with engine oil.

    I often wonder how many vvt-is have been condemned as oil burners when in fact they were weepers/leakers lol.

    Now she's through I can finally turn my attention to rebuilding the motor for her......yeeha !!

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