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  1. Looking at my topic title the phrase "....and various body parts" has a rather dark tone but I'm looking for some replacement parts for my 2002 1.8 vvt-i (facelifted) Avensis. I really wish to find an SR mesh grille preferably in silver which seems to describe 90% of T22 Avensis (would the plural be Avensi or Avenses?) although I've seen few silver SRs either way the colour isn't particularly a problem as I'd repaint it to match. Also I'm interested in a 2000-2003 T22 front bumper and wings (definitely silver would be preferable),the rear hatch lock surround - the plastic piece that fits above
  2. Thanks,I pretty much assumed the button was more about a potential DAB upgrade rather than being standard ,which is a shame as I miss having the digital radio which I'd fitted in my T22 but then again it has the AUX input which means I can listen to Audible or Spotify whatever by p.lugging my mobile in so it works out in the end anyway 🙂 Is the DAB module easy to get hold of still and worth fitting ?
  3. Also my stereo has a button for selecting either AM or DAB yet there is no sign of anything remotely like digital radio.I'm assuming there simply isn't but does that mean it has the capability to be added or upgraded ?
  4. Missing my beloved Avensis,the drive to work or anywhere just is not the same but some lower level pain now is required for the overall greater good and the return of the Avensis better than ever before 🙂


  5. I have somewhat of a grave confession to make.To stand up and say the words out loud in front of an audience to lance the ugly truth. My beloved Avensis,the T22 ran out of MOT jan the 31st and I now drive a 59 plate Yaris 1.33 vvt-i. My head hangs with shame.Yet it shouldn't as although it wasn't planned this way it's going to work out for the best.The T22 is in my driveway,up on ramps and stands with her interior removed and me inspecting every inch of the underneath for the dread signs of rust,which will be eliminated and solid metal welded in it's place. Knowing the test was due I
  6. I hope my fellow forum members will allow me a little understanding and forebearance with this topic.Is it truly a guide or an opinion,am I flying the flag or banging the drum a bit? I don't think so,I have a great appreciation for these engines,for their clever design,the vvt-i in so many ways is far superior to the V-tech although I do wish it gave you the same kick in the pants when you hit 6000 but that's not what it's about nor is it trying to be.Again I hope this post/guide/opinion/ is thought reasonable enough to qualify as I truly do wish to at the very least inform those who may be co
  7. I've put full coilovers on my T22. Adjustable up to apparently 50mm but I've got mine set around 35.Handles beautifully but I kept the standard 195/60/15s so that takes a lot of the potential harshness out of the ride. Plus it's not set to the hardest damper settings nor maximum preload. Looks great 😉👌
  8. And she keeps on gping 😉😉 20201110_161828.heic
  9. Out of pure curiosity after hitting 200,000 today I would be interested to hear what sort of numbers others have clocked up in an Avensis or what's the highest that anyone has heard one of these go to? Sent from my SM-A202F using Tapatalk
  10. On the way home. from work the old girl passed the last mile in the 199,000s to be the first car I've owned with anything like this high mileage. I have had cars up in the 130, 000s but that was them about to reach or near to reaching their very final stages of usefulness before the end comes. This is not only the highest mileage I've seen in any of my cars but most probably she's the oldest car I have had. The oldest that I have had when I owned it. I did have a 1976 R reg Ford Capri II 1.6 GL which is the oldest of all but as that was 1991 when I had it it was just 15 years old at
  11. Wow, that is such a beautiful looking T22. You just don't see Mk1/T22 estates around at all and I can't the last time I saw one, if I ever have (no, I 'm absolutely positive I have but was I aware of it within my field of vision, I don't know). Anyway, looking at this sweet example it' s a shame they aren't much more plentiful. It sits lovely, nice wheels and if the bodywork and paintwork is in good condition and well looked after it is very hard to top a proper white car. I've seen very few T22s in white either for real out on the road or in photos or images online but I have to say it
  12. I have been getting a smell from my car - no funny comments please lol - no, it's a hot smell, sort of burning smell. Not burning oil or plastic or rubber, similar to a boiling coolant kind of smell but not that either. It's not burning electrical wire, not burning bearings but definitely somethings getting overheated or smouldering. When I destroyed my front bumper hitting a deer then stitched it back together I noticed my front wheelarch liners aren't securely fixed at the bumper end and intruding into. the arch perhaps rubbing off my tyres....... that's got to be it. Except it wasn'
  13. I have had these come up on mine in the past, it wasn't quite the same P0 code and I'm sorry but I can't remember which one it was but in the end I replaced both front o2 sensors (btw, I have an 02 T22 1.8 vvt-i 1ZZ-FE) but I found with my rear lambda/O2 sensor one or maybe two of, I can't remember now, the four wires to the sensor were severed, mostly by wear and corrosion. I cut them all back 2 or 3 inches from the end of the sensor until I found good, solid uncorroded, untwisted, unbroken wire and soldered them back together.. I haven't seen an engine malfunction light or P0 code since am
  14. I checked the Gov.uk website today and I've got 6 months extra MoT for free.Now that's the sort of viral side effect I can live with.

  15. Front fogs working now [emoji106][emoji106][emoji4] Sent from my SM-A202F using Tapatalk
  16. It's crude but surprisingly strong and doesn't look immediately like a bodged repair,well aslong as no one takes a 2nd look at least [emoji2960][emoji2960] Sent from my SM-A202F using Tapatalk
  17. 5am this morning, heading to work at a steady 65+ mph and I came round the corner as the poor thing decided to jump into the road. Never even got the chance to brake. It must have been a really young deer as I imagine a bit more mature and experienced animal wouldn't have hopped so unfearfully into the path of speeding car. Besides it went under rather than to the side or over the bonnet and roof which a larger animal would. Poor !Removed! thing, at least it would have been quick. No structural damage but that bumper needs fixing asap [emoji17][emoji17][emoji17] Sent fr
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