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  1. I have been getting a smell from my car - no funny comments please lol - no, it's a hot smell, sort of burning smell. Not burning oil or plastic or rubber, similar to a boiling coolant kind of smell but not that either. It's not burning electrical wire, not burning bearings but definitely somethings getting overheated or smouldering. When I destroyed my front bumper hitting a deer then stitched it back together I noticed my front wheelarch liners aren't securely fixed at the bumper end and intruding into. the arch perhaps rubbing off my tyres....... that's got to be it. Except it wasn't (I wish I took a photo before throwing the culprit in the bin). I was checking my oil about an hour ago..... it's a 1ZZ with 198,000 miles so keeping an eye on my oil is part and parcrel. Anyway down between the head and the main coolant hose that exits the engine with all that lovely boiling antifreeze mix was the remains of a massive dessicated and charred dragonfly..... it had wings about 4 inches long and a big long body about the same. It's back was or had been a sort of purpley incandescent shade but was charred black where it was sandwiched right uo against the head itself. Anyway, have ran back. and forward to the shop and wouldn't you know, mysterious smell has gone. Mind you, it made me get off my rear and sort the archliners which was what I was doing prior to checking the oil. So if you get a weird hot, burning smell that you really cannot place perhaps it's actually cooking insect instead [emoji6][emoji6] Sent from my SM-A202F using Tapatalk
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    P0 codes

    I have had these come up on mine in the past, it wasn't quite the same P0 code and I'm sorry but I can't remember which one it was but in the end I replaced both front o2 sensors (btw, I have an 02 T22 1.8 vvt-i 1ZZ-FE) but I found with my rear lambda/O2 sensor one or maybe two of, I can't remember now, the four wires to the sensor were severed, mostly by wear and corrosion. I cut them all back 2 or 3 inches from the end of the sensor until I found good, solid uncorroded, untwisted, unbroken wire and soldered them back together.. I haven't seen an engine malfunction light or P0 code since amd that's been 2 years and 2 Mots. Now, did I need to replace the front sensors ? I really don't know but these error codes kept reappearing until I fixed the rear wiring issue once and for all. I bought generic sensors from ebay for the front two O2 sensors at roughly £40 each that fitted as they should and have not given me any issues in 3 years.... you can buy the OE sensors for probably a fair bit more but these have done the job adequately. I'd check the rear one and especially the wiring first before changing sensors. Sent from my SM-A202F using Tapatalk
  3. I checked the website today and I've got 6 months extra MoT for free.Now that's the sort of viral side effect I can live with.

  4. Front fogs working now [emoji106][emoji106][emoji4] Sent from my SM-A202F using Tapatalk
  5. It's crude but surprisingly strong and doesn't look immediately like a bodged repair,well aslong as no one takes a 2nd look at least [emoji2960][emoji2960] Sent from my SM-A202F using Tapatalk
  6. 5am this morning, heading to work at a steady 65+ mph and I came round the corner as the poor thing decided to jump into the road. Never even got the chance to brake. It must have been a really young deer as I imagine a bit more mature and experienced animal wouldn't have hopped so unfearfully into the path of speeding car. Besides it went under rather than to the side or over the bonnet and roof which a larger animal would. Poor !Removed! thing, at least it would have been quick. No structural damage but that bumper needs fixing asap [emoji17][emoji17][emoji17] Sent from my SM-A202F using Tapatalk
  7. Hello. there, if I understand your question properly you have the standard Avensis radio/CD unit that's built into to the dash but want to change it for a typical DIN aftermarket unit. Although, it's an odd shape behind the faceplate of the standard unit it's actually a DIN unit that is fitted so swapping to your aftermarket one shouldn't be any trouble at all. It wasn't for me. The only downside is the fact, as you can see, the opening in the dashboard is wider and a different shape to the typical aftermarket DIN size that they tend to sale so you are left with a radio/CD unit that is obviously a replacement and not the built in unit the car came with but if you can live with it looking like it does in my photos then it's ok. Sent from my SM-A202F using Tapatalk
  8. Purely out of interest as I have downloaded Techstream in the past and had it running on my laptop with Windows 10. Always though it asks for a specific official code that you have to enter to demonstrate that it's a legitimate fully purchased copy and that you are a proper garage etc. Without the particular code I could only run a highly reduced version of techstream which was pretty poor to be honest. Have you all purchased the full programme with all the relevant passwords or codes and if so how. much does that cost, is it worth it. If not how did you get around it. The K and L line are used with the earlier OBD2 models like my 02 T22. It uses the ISO 9141-2 protocol like all of the T22s although I noticed some of the later 02 models, 52 plates, that they had some of the 2 wire hi/lo cabling used by canbus but whether that meant they actually used an early canbus version or the harnesses were starting to be made compliant for canbus in preparation for the T25 I'm not entirely sure. Sent from my SM-A202F using Tapatalk
  9. Really nice, great to see more T22s still on the go.... I do sometimes wonder if they were ever any other colour. You can have any colour as long as it's silver [emoji4][emoji4] Sent from my SM-A202F using Tapatalk
  10. Very nice. Suddenly I feel a touch embarrassed for painting my brakes yellow considering my teenage years are a distant memory lol. Sent from my SM-A202F using Tapatalk
  11. Best laid plans and all that....... The other day while looking for something completely unrelated I found a tin of grey plastic primer and knew I had half a tin of Toyota metallic silver kicking around so figured I'd use it for an old trick that usually works well I've done many times in the past. Painting the part between the clocks and the clear plastic panel body colour takes no time at all. Also it looks really good 9 times out of 10 for the amount of work involved. So that was my plan butnin so many ways it just didn't seem to work this time. Despite taking due care and preparation the finish between the fuel gauge and speedo looks like a regiment of spiders route marched all over the shop. Also the overall texture just looks, well,quite frankly rough cheap as if the plastic is incredibly porous and soaked up half the paint. I might try removing it and rubbing the whole thing down with wet n dry sandpaper until the surface is glass like smooth then going over the whole process again. Overall, it looks good. With the silver panels around the central dash and the right hand air vent,mirror adjustment and headlight leveller the silver instrument panel adds to the effect. The odd failure is good for the soul or so they so [emoji849][emoji849][emoji848] Sent from my SM-A202F using Tapatalk
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