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  1. That black screen you mention. That's you being connected. It's working. Thing is it only displays mirrorlink compatible apps. And I bet you don't have any. I didn't and so it displayed the black blank screen. Try downloading Sygic..it's free. Then retry connecting and your black screen will have one single app on it. Follow? You won't ever be able to mirrorlink Google maps. Sorry.
  2. OK I too bought into the bull leavings about Mirrorlink. We to have a Xcite2 Some facts. Mirrorlink1 can be found on some old phones (circa 2012) eg SG Note 2 but if you have updated your OS then forget about it. More modern phones such as the OP's Note 4 (I had one superb bit of kit) have Mirrorlink2 already built into the OS. I posted about this in Dec 15 Quote Hi Guys, OK done some reading on this. Basically the Mirrorlink App does not work with phones post 2012. And the Drivelink App does not appear to have been updated since Feb 13. One of the phone's it claims to work with is the Sammy Galaxy Note2. As it happens my wife has the Note2. So I downloaded the Mirrorlink app onto my wife's phone...and nothing. I can't get it to work. As far as I can tell even if you have one of the vanishly small list of compatible phones...your chances of getting this to work are about the same as you hopping on water. There' was this one dude about two thousand years ago but that's about all (Christmas Ref...eh?). Compatible phones. IPhone 4/4S Samsung Galaxy 3 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Nokia X700 Nokia N9 and that gents is it. Great idea - woeful reality. The P108 / C1 forums are full of the disgruntled about this issue. Unquote Now to cases. The OP wants to use his phone as a SatNav and not buy the Toyota offering and at 400quid and not being that great, I agree with his logic. Good news- It is possible. I got it to work with my Sammy S7 Edge (so up to date phone). Simply download the free Sygic Navigation App from Playstore. It's very basic navigation but it works OK. Then follow the manual. That's the only Mirrorlink compatible App I have been able to get to work with my Aygo. Bad news is that I also have a ipod classic (200GB of country music yep) using the single USB socket. So when I need to navigate the ipod has to be disconnected and the phone plugged into the USB. That or buy on ebay a cheap second hand Garmin Nuvi and keep it in the boot for when you need it. Just sold mine! What Toyota need to do is dump the unsupported out of date Mirrorlink and embrace Android Auto or Apple Car Whatsitsface, and stop mentioning it in their sales blurb. Hope that helps you out peeps.
  3. Mine does that occasionally. I just pop it back into N and try again. Had it 18 months from new. Done 11k miles. Frankly apart from that transmission thing and the rear parcel cover being super flimsy rubbish and falling off now and then. It's been almost perfect. Under powered but not bad at all. For a city car it's good. It is what it is. It's not a motorway blaster! That said my wife wants another car with a bit more oomph, so off it goes. Hello Suzuki Ignis Auto SZ5.
  4. I'd be looking for stuff that's loose around the exhaust system myself.
  5. Don't some seats have built in side airbags? These scare the bejebus out of me. One wrong connection and the charge goes off. Personally I suggest you proceed with lots of caution.
  6. I have a whining noise in mine too. Usually its my wife giving the benefit of her opinion on my driving. Sadly I've only been driving fifteen more years than she has and covered about a hundred thousand more miles since 1980. 😊
  7. My other car has xenon hid lights and tbh even HIR2 seems feeble by comparison. Mind you the number of cars I see driving about with only one headlight and they seem to manage OK. BTW is it the law that if you only have the one Light the remaining one has to be badly adjusted to dazzle oncoming traffic?
  8. None of the above relates to the Mk2 Aygo does it? Since we have the HIR2 type bulb and as far as I know there are no higher power / diferent type alternatives. Or are there?
  9. Don't forget the MMT issue. Clutch life can be a bit short if you don't slip it into N when stationary. Leaving it in E will cost you big bucks sooner than you'd think. What's unforgivable is the dealers won't tell you this. That and the Mirrorlink being well utterly useless and totally unsupported by any vendor or big T. That's my suggestion. Other than that so far so good.
  10. We have the xcite2 in Cyan Blue. My wife liked the Orange one which we had as a courtesy car while my Yaris HSD was being serviced. So when we swapped cars she traded my a Yaris for the Aygo. Nice little car.
  11. My suggestion would be forget it. From comments here it seems the nav isn't much good. Buy a Tom Tom or Garmin Nuvi from eBay for 50 quid or use free Google maps on your phone and buy a cheap phone mount. That's what I did. Your call.
  12. Changing the wheel size introduces more inaccuracies to your speedo. If your OK with that and potentially whizzing through Gatso cameras way over the limit and not knowing it. Then OK. The only other thing to watch is fouling the wings when on full lock. Oh and if the wheels protrude out the wheel arch it's an mot fail. You'll need to add wide plastic arches to the side. Personally I'd not do it. Get a Panda 4x4 if offroading in a small car is what you want to do.
  13. Press the button. Get the green light on. Turn the temp knob all the way to the cold setting. Does the air blowing out the vents feel very cold? Yes? It's working. If it's just ambient temp then it's not working. Use it at least once a week for 15 minutes. Otherwise be prepared to pay out for repairs on a regular basis.
  14. Mine is a bit higher about 3800. 65 plate xcite2.
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