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  1. I have just been quoted the following from my mechanic: Price for Oxygon Sensor supplied and fitted including VAT is £286.88! He didn't break that down by the cost of the item and the labour but I think that he charges aroung £50 per hour for labour.
  2. Hi folks. I had the engine warning light checked and my garage came back with the following fault report: "Bank 1, sensor 2 Oxygon sensor" Can anyone advise what item I will need to purchase to fix this and how much it costs (and how much labout time it might take for my mechanic to fit it or is it really something that an ownder can do themselves.......perhaps with the guidance of yo clever forum users??) Out of interest what exactly does the sensor do and what are the potential consequences if I don't get it fixed? I have a 5Dr 2003 RAV4, 2 litre automatic Cheers!
  3. Thanks Tony, although by bought an "IQ" do you mean "intelligence" as in you simply drove smarter or is IQ actually some piece of kit that I should be aware of?
  4. Would this one be compatible? http://www.amazon.co.uk/CAN-Bus-Trouble-Diagnose-Diagnostic-Scanner/dp/B001CBBY7O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1364572773&sr=8-1
  5. Hi it is the Petrol RAV4 GVX VVTI Auto. Sorry to be dumb but what is a "flash" code or is that simply the terminology for the codes that the reader supplies?
  6. Hi, I have a warning light which has come up in my RAV4 and I have seen some hints on this forum to get a code reader to have some better knowledge of what this issue might be before a Toyota dealer does it for me and comes up with squillions worth of repairs to be made. Is ebay the best place to look or in fact perhaps my local (non-Toyota) mechanic might have a bit of kit to do it themselves? The current warning light is the one indicated in the manual as the engine warning light which I imagine covers a multitude of sins but I accept that I should not have been driving around for a few days ignoring it!
  7. Thanks Dave, the weekly mileage is going to climb to about 350 from September so to me seems quite an increase but maybe tha is still considered to be low? You are right though that I do suffer a little from the Chelsea Tractor guilt complex! As far as the drive goes I do love it and in many ways would happily stick with it. I get a huge humming noise inside but I have been advised by my mechanic that this is simply my apparently rubbish Nankang tyres rather than wheel bearings and I also get strange whistling over 40mph since removing and replacing the rear seats for a trip but again I have been assured that this relates to having added a roof rack at the same time and the whislting is just the airflow over the rack. I accept that there is a trade-off between petrol and diesel costs and the relative mpg for each and I confess to not having done any research to make an informed decision.
  8. Thanks for your response, it is good to hear that it is a popular model. It is the 5 door, full service history, about 82,000 miles on the clock. I would happily stick with it but it just seems a bit silly to have it in the end. I have to admit though that I would hate to enter into the private sale/buy world again as I really don't like it but having said that I can't afford to buy a new shiny diesel even if it would come with a decent warranty and far better fuel economy! I was worried that after getting a 4x4 (and never actually going off-road) my next move would be green wellies and a wax jacket just to conform even more to Surrey life!
  9. Hi knowledgable Rav4 owners. From the outset I do appreciate that I "should have known better"! I am stupid enough to admit that I bought a 2003 GX Rav4 (petrol) Auto last September simply because I had a lovely dog who before then had to squeeze into the back of a Polo. Honestly the comfort of the dog was the main reason for my purchase and now a few months on I realise that the main work that the car does is to go about 35 miles a day up and down a dual carriage way with a little bit of town driving thrown in so with that and a bit of pootling at weekends it does about 200 miles per week with only about 2 trips per week involving said hound. We love the Rav but without having done any proper monitoring (yet) it is clear that it just guzzles down fuel and is in the end totally impractical for what it is used for. Worse still its daily grind from September will be about 60 miles round trip mostly on the M25 with a bit of town drive added on. A big 4 wheel petrol drive (is mine 2 or 4 wheel in fact - betraying my ignorance again) seems pretty much the worst choice of car for that type of journey. Does anyone have any experience of smaller Toyotas (must be hatchback) and do you think there might be much demand if I advertised my current Rav in the classified ads on this website? Cheers!
  10. Hi there. I put up a post about a really loud noise inside my RAV4 which was constant but seemed to increase once beyond 20mph. Forum members suggested either a wheel bearing or tyre issue. I was worried about the danger and cost aspect of wheel bearing replacment but took in into my (non Toyota) local garage to get it checked. Their opinion after checks was that it was definitely a tyre issue and not wheel bearings so essentially safe but only cure for the noise is to fit new and "appropriate" tyres. The guilty tyres currently fitted are Nankang something or others. The garage suggest Bridgestone 215/70/R16. Do forum members agree with that recommendation and if so can they suggest anywhere with a better price than £105 off each as quoted by my garage? In terms of my driving I don't do any off-road stuff and probably won't in future so nothing too drastic in that department needed. Cheers.
  11. I admit that one reason that we went for the RAV was to have some decent boot space for a big smely dog. Can anyone suggest a decent boot liner and where to buy it from? Cheers!
  12. I took my newly purchased 03' RAV4 to my mechanic after becoming concenred about a loud humming/droing sound constantly noticeable at anyting over 30mph (I did notice in when test driving before buying but didn't make much of it - doh!). As people on this forum suggested my mechanic thinks it is most likely a wheel bearing that will need to be reaplaced. I just wondered if anyone could give me an idea of what I might expect to pay for a change of a wheel bearing, including parts & labour. Cheers!
  13. Thanks for the replies and advice. Clearly I need to get the problem investigated by a mechanic/Toyota main dealer? My further questions then are: 1) If it is wheel bearings what is the cost of replacements likely to be? 2) Again, if it is wheel bearings is it dangerous to drive as it is or simply a noise issue until resolved? (I appreciate that I will need to resolve it either way but I cna put up with noise for some days or weeks so long as I know that we are safe to be driving the car 3) If I need new tyres can anyone suggest apporpriate tyres for the RAV4 (I don't intend to attempt any real off-road stuff). Cheers!
  14. Hi there. I took a bit of a leap of faith yesteday and bought an 03' GX Auto RAV4. I really don't like buying/selling cars, especialy the haggling side of private sales but I think that I was fortunate to buy from a fella who was not pushy at all, had immaculate and comprehensive service history and at least superficially had kept the car in really god nick. MOT to May 2013 with new auto gearbox in 2009 amongst other parts replaced throughout the course of 85,000 miles. I didn't get my mechanic or AA/RAC to do a pre-purchase check which I had on two prior potential buys hence saying it was a leap of faith (i know NOTHING of what goes on under a car bonnet). What I did notice on a test drive but was even more pronounced whilst driving home after buying was a constant loud hum/vibration inside the car whilst drivign at anything over 20mph really and if I could pin it down to a particular area I can only say "the rear" in general. I did point it out before buying and the seller said that it might be to do with the RAV 4 not having sound insulation in the boot area.......is that right? I contacted the seller again who has been happy to stay in touch and he said that he didn't really notice it himself as a) he usually drove with the stereo on in built up areas and B) maybe he was just used to any sounds the car might have been making. He called his mechanic who suggested it might be an issue with wheel bearings and if it was that should not be too hard to fix. Does this issue sound familair to any RAV owners and if so how did you resolve the problem? I don't feel that I have been stiffed on the deal in any way and I will get it checked over belatedly by my mechanic but perhaps I am naive?
  15. Hi all. So, I managed to convince myself that due to some anticipated long journeys with an ever growing teenager and a big dog to cart around a VW 1.2 Polo just wasn't comfortable any more. I resisted the SUV urge for a while but in the end figured they perhaps give better loading space and comfort than an estate. So, here I am in Surrey-land which is already over-run with SUVs having taken the plunge yesterday. Bought a an 03' GX Auto RAV4, looking forward to lots of advice from fellow owners on this forum!