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  1. what the fuel rail pressure like? could be suction control valve beginning to fail
  2. sounds about right for a fairly heavy small engine car doing urban driving
  3. has it had a clutch and gear box cable change in its life time?
  4. probably clutch release bearing on its way out. Alex
  5. Depends on what was wrong with the clutch, ie is it a mechanical defect or have you worn the clutch plate away with your driving style? have they actually removed the gearbox yet and submitted the photos/claim to toyota yet? Alex
  6. Can also be pad build up on the disc surface which in turn makes a wobble. 5 or 6 very hard stops to get them smoking normally does the trick. it is actually quite hard to warp a disc in normal usage. http://stoptech.com/technical-support/technical-white-papers/-warped-brake-disc-and-other-myths Alex
  7. 5th injector would be my first point of call. Alex
  8. was it a new gearbox or a reconditioned one? what does your receipt say?
  9. condensation on the inside of the inlet manifold would be my first guess Alex
  10. whats the difference between the 2 tyres? also n/s/f normally wear very slightly quicker than o/s/f Alex
  11. try changing the fuel filter first Alex
  12. Keep the corolla unless the auris has had a new engine. Alex
  13. Does it differ from the original manufactures specification? if so they technically need to be declared Alex
  14. the radio shuts off after 30 mins i think so the update would then cancel
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