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  1. Hi seaelaine, As soon as I read the title to your post Ithought 'ahh I wonder whether its the same as what happened to mine?' And yes indeed, this exact same thing happened to mine. The good news is, no the bumper doesn't need replacing. After looking online I went down to my local dealer and they said there's a black plastic 'retaining clip' behind there which is bolted onto the chassis itself. Quite an easy and cheap fix (about £6 for a new clip iirc at the time) and about 10 mins to do. I'm sure the dealer could do it although obviously for a charge as usual. Good luck :)
  2. I agree the standard headlight bulbs are a load of rubbish. I fitted a pair of osram nightbreaker unlimited about two years ago, still going strong and they definitely make a noticeable difference.
  3. Hi, I'm after some decent white (non-led) sidelights to fit in with my osram night breakers as all the led ones always flicker after a while. I'm thinking about the Philips blue vision ultras, has anyone had these before and recommend them or any others? I'm willing to pay the price for some good quality bulbs. :) Thanks in advance
  4. I'm going to have to change the complete fitting as the aerial has seized inside the base mount and I've tried to remove it. I already have a new mount just looking for a good replacement aerial that's maybe a bit shorter. Thanks
  5. Hi, can anyone recommend any good replacement aerials and gear knobs. I would like a shorter aerial but one that still picks up good reception, and a leather gear knob. Also if anyone has any links/pictures that would be great! Thanks in advance :)
  6. I have transported a single mattress to the tip in the back of mine (slightly folded but fitted nicely!) ;)
  7. Hi, I changed my heater controls lights from orange to blue leds some time last year and for some strange reason one of them stopped working strangely as they're led . Anyway I want to buy a new set but no one on ebay seems to sell them anymore :(. Have looked all over google to try and source some new ones with no luck so far. Does anyone on here know of anywhere or anyone that is selling these?? Thanks :)
  8. No problem, if you need any more help with it just let me know :). Thanks
  9. They should come with the screws required to fit to the bottom, all you need is a small handled philips screwdriver to get in the small space. :)
  10. Hi, Does anyone if and where I can buy the string for the parcel shelf as the bit on mine that goes into the parcel shelf has just broken :( . I hope I don't have to buy a whole new parcel shelf as there's nothing wrong with it. Have tried eBay but nothing there. Thanks in advance
  11. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone on here has a decent cover to cover their aygo in for them cold winter nights to protect from frost/snow and can refer me to any links please? Thanks in advance :)
  12. Hi, I am hoping to change the speakers in my aygo soon. I have an '07 Aygo+ 3 door with speakers in the rear below the windows and not in the doors which have very poor sound quality . I really want to change these so I was wondering exactly how these speakers can be changed and if anyone else has changed theirs and also what size speakers are required. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi, I was just wondering where I can purchase the 'newer' glove box lid (the one with the handle that slides down and is meant to be better) for the Aygo? I found some on ebay but they only show a pic with the glove box open so I'm not sure if this is the correct one? Any links or part number would be appreciated. This one I think it is: Thanks in advance :)
  14. Welcome to the Toyota forums andyy94 :)

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