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  1. Thanks a million Mick you were right on the money I found the location for the mystery steel ball, once again thank you so much now I can put my transmission back together with confidence.
  2. Hi all this is my first post and new owner of a Corolla. I know this problem has been mentioned before but I do believe I have the C56 manual transmission from a 2002 toyota corolla ZZE122R which has had the diff. bearing fail. I have currently pulled it apart to replace the output shaft bearings, when I lifted it off the bench I found a single 6-8mm steel ball which I thought was from another bearing that may have failed, but after closer inspection was unable to find any ball bearing as they all look roller type bearings. Could this possibly be a detent of some sort or a check valve from an oil gallery. I have spent many hours trying to find an IPB for this gearbox but having trouble finding it. If anyone knows where this steel ball could have come from would be much appreciated
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums twojaythomo :)

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