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  1. no, still need to plug-in the cable to have AA/ACP.
  2. @ my locale toyota dealer ( in belgium ).
  3. YES!!! My retrofit is done. Had it upgraded by my dealer (on invitation from them). Cost 50€+Vat. Everything works flowless. And best of all, I have a invoice to claim waranty if something goes wrong with my MMsystem.
  4. these are not just some small problems 🧐...
  5. do anybody has the TSB ' BE-00439T-TME' ?
  6. retro fit is a go in Germany
  7. a belgian user reported that after loading the USB1 file, there was just one file in it... and it was : " nice try "...
  8. you should be able to find your 'software' version in the update menu... I suppose you have a Entune system?
  9. I've doubt it. this software is made to upgrade MM17 systems
  10. Now some one who has a RAV4 2019 😈 to try it 😇
  11. if it is 'simple', just put the 3 usb stick in ( ok, very simply shortcutted ), why do they (toyota) tell us it is a dealer upgrade(date)?
  12. no ;-). living in the cold weather of belgium ;-).
  13. out off the blue ik got 2 error messages on the dash : vsc and parkingbreak. So I brought the car to my toyota dealer. result after putting the car to a diagnostic pc : problems with the injectors. And after physical inspection all 4 where found oxydided due to 'water' in the diesel?! Cost, little less than 3000€. luckly for me the car was still in warranty ( till 25/01/2016!!!). Car has 85.000 Km and is a couple a day's short to 5 years old.