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  1. Hi, Has anyone got or know where I can hire/rent a hilux extracab mk6 from just for a day or even a couple of hours,need to have a seatbelt anchorage test done to prove eu compliance. Test itself is just a visual inspection and some paperwork. John
  2. Hi there, I have a hilux vigo extracab that im trying to register in uk, but need to prove that the seatbelt anchorages comply with uk models being that the vigo is only produced for the Thai. market. So I have to take it for a comparison test however I need to provide a uk model to compare it with. Does any one out there know where I can hire a hilux 3.0 extracab from? year 06 -09. Or would anyone be willing to fetch there vehicle, obviously I would reimberse ther expenses. The test only lasts about 2 hours and will be done in manchester met. university. Please can anybody help?
  3. Hi would anyone out there with an 06/56 reg hilux be willing to let me know the type approval number on vin plate please,would be forever greatfull .
  4. Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy a model report from so I can register my hilux vigo in uk?
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    Hi there, Does any one know where i can get a certificate of conformity from for my hilux vigo it is registered with irish plates and i want to reg. with uk. Ive been on toyota-europe .com but cant find any links.Can anyone advise? cheers John
  6. Hi there, Just bought a hilux vigo but it only has one key which has remote on it but its a bit ropey,need to get a new key does anyone know where i can get one from,also it only has one battery on it whereas most hilux,s have two, Will this be a problem in winter when its cold? Any advice will be greatfully recieved.
  7. Welcome to the Toyota forums johnwill :)

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