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  1. Visit to TC Cars in Osaka, lots of JDM sports cars with a few MK3 Supra's and one mk4. A garage that the car quality is very mixed but overall a garage I love to visit.
  2. History of the Supra, trying to add new content other than just visiting garages.
  3. KSP Engineering in Tokyo allowed me to have a look around the parking lot and workshop. Some JDM classics like R33 GTR, NSX and RX7, plus some very nice Ferrari's
  4. Great place, you have to get that planned (obviously when things are a little safer to travel), you will love it.
  5. Lots of great cars, would go for the Celica, just looks awesome.
  6. As I am out in Japan and spending some of my time going round JDM sport garages, I started to post them in YouTube, will use this post to upload some of the videos. My latest video was while out in Tokyo, trying to get a break from the sun and ended up walking in to Toyota History Garage, ended up seeing some great cars.
  7. Been a while since I have been on here so thought I would say hello again. Hope your all staying safe. Now living out in Japan and loving life with all these JDM classics out here, still on the look out for a car, looking to pick up a car from the 90's but not sure which yet. Spending some of my time going round sport car garages and making videos for YouTube, will post some up in the video section.
  8. deanbain

    1992 Supra

    im selling my supra on ebay item number - 2476677457 not a great advert but if u want any info give me a email the car is also open to offers
  9. dont let the 0-60 time put you off.It can be tuned to 280bhp with ease.It will beat any golf gti.The calibra turbo not to 60 but i think it maybe does to 1/4 mile.Could be wrong
  10. i have a mk3 turbo auto 1992 0-60 is about 7.5 roughly.top speed is 140. The auto is a bit slower but you got to remember you will be tuning a 3ltr turbo and the gains will be much more than on a gti
  11. i have a auto mk3 turbo but would rather have the manual
  12. just watched it .i must say its better than big brother tho.
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