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  1. I double checked yesterday. pretty sure nothing will happen. that space is not connected to doors, boot or anything else. The metal clips that attach the trim seemed to be spot welded on, so no way for the water to go in the car.
  2. Other than cosmetic purposes, do they have any functional reason for existence? Mine was cracked and flopping about for at least a year. No water ever came in, so that must not be it. I recently completely got rid of it on one side, thinking to rip the other side out too.
  3. well, felt brave today, cleared the code through the free android app, nothing happened. drove around town..scanned again. code did not reappear, everything normal. i think the code was there from years ago after the old accident/repair. thanks for the replies
  4. if that were the case wouldn't I get a dash light from time to time? I never do. Also brakes work including ABS (tested many times deliberately) and of course also brake lights work. I'll prob try to clear the code, though I'm a bit afraid if that action messes anything up. If it works, don't mess with it. ???
  5. my dear friend. firstly, thanks for the help, but I didn't get around to attempting to fix it yet. Secondly, I don't think this is the solution, at all, most likely (and I could well be wrong here), it's a software glitch (or even my cheapo OBD device reporting fault code when in fact it's not there). Thirdly I also found this "solution" it's first video clip that youtube has with this error code. I will therefore either do nothing at all, or attempt to clear it using the OBD device. If I decide to clear it, I will update the post. again thanks for the help.
  6. Hi, I used one of those cheap ebay Bluetooth plug in OBD scanners on my Auris, got this code back: C1249 (see attachment). Brakes however seem to be working fine and nothing lights up in the dash. I can try to clear the code, but afraid if something breaks , see below for details: I have to add here however that many years ago, the car was involved in a serious accident and after I picked it up after it was supposedly fixed, while driving within the 1st km, the ABS lights did show and the brakes started behaving very strangely. I slowly crawled it immediately back and they re-fixed it, has been fine ever since. What you guys think?
  7. its gone alright. I tested it again today, while car sitting, 12.6v (can't explain this as car was sitting and yesterday it showed 8.7v)... anyway, tried to start car, no crank, tested again right after 10.1 v... Battery guy came later with his van , pulled out a hefty box looking device with 2 jumper cables, attached to battery saw analog readings, said battery was completely dead (which I already knew). Installed brand new 60A D24 Varta battery for 100 euro all in, a GREAT price I found (was 150 euro but I know a guy ) 🙂
  8. I measured the voltage yesterday before turning off the car (after running for 30 min after I jump started it), it was 13.6v (without any lights/electrical stuff running), so I'm assuming the alternator is good. when turned off, battery measured 12.65v. However, measured again this morning, 8.7 volts. So it must be totally dead to lose charge overnight.
  9. 1st gen auris, car fine in the morning, would not start at all (no crank, just clicking noise) in the afternoon. So, I jump started it, car did start however, funny behaviour, all dash lights randomly turning on, check engine, abs problem, steering suddenly becoming heavy, next second was ok, repeatedly. Managed to creep my way home, will change the battery. However, WHY the strange behaviour? Isn't the alternator taking care of business after car is started? I remember the exact same issues last time battery died and I jump started 4 years ago (all symptoms gone after new battery in). Is this an Auris thing? Never happened with any other car I had.
  10. well from what i saw holding and inspecting the old disc, wear looked uneven, in places it was down to the rivets, in other places plenty of meat left i wonder how thats possible.
  11. all done. replacement brand was exedy, kit, disc, front and back cover. clutch pedal feels lighter now, but bites more "abruptly", rpm revving is gone, car accelerates normally. paid less than half that toyota wanted here"s a pic of the old parts
  12. Im from Cyprus, we have a very good stock of parts over here especially for Toyotas as they are very popular. No idea what actual brand it is, but whatever it is, it's gonna work fine (I trust my local garage, the parts they use are OEM compatible).
  13. I never heard it either, but the member above mentioned it 🙂 Well, I've been quoted close to €600 by Toyota and €150 labour + parts by my local mechanic. Toyota also said they need half the money now to preorder the components (which will take 2 weeks to arrive). So, I suppose I'll take it the local guy, but I gotta ask if it's not a terribly complicated job is it??? (I mean no Toyota specific tools/skills needed or anything like that)? My guy is an experienced /trusty enough mechanic (parts won't be original but he says there is no difference other than price).
  14. I should add that it is the original clutch, the car has about 70k km's on it and it's a manual gearbox car (don't know if that matters). I wonder if indeed it could "fix itself" by removing enough material as you suggest, or if by waiting longer it could damage the flywheel, leading to more expenses that could be prevented.
  15. 1st gen Auris, 1.4 petrol, clutch slipping, then catching: so wife had the fine idea of starting the car on a slightly inclined road in 3rd gear. Car started giving out a burnt smell and wouldn't move till she realized and put in 1st gear. I drove the car around for a week and it seemed fine. However, since yesterday, I noticed that the clutch is slipping, specifically: 1) after hard acceleration revs go up but the car doesn't accelerate much (especially noticeable in 2nd gear). 2) sometimes while revs are up, the clutch seems to "catch" on and the revs go down quickly and then normal acceleration. Am I right to think that the clutch disc should be replaced and how urgent is this? Thanks
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