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  1. I'm pretty sure it's done from the inside of the car, in mine they just removed the back seats.
  2. that's a pretty interesting idea and I will try it out.
  3. the vents are clearly visible from the inside of the boot when you remove the cover for the tyre jack. water hosing on the outside shows no water coming in.
  4. I've had this problem on my 2007 auris 1.4, petrol smell and dangerous as could lead to a spark/fire/explosion. Local Toyota made me pay for the fix but after my complaints and persistence and reference to the recall, they contacted Toyota Europe or UK, who now (after 3 months) offered me store credit for the amount of the fix (no refund sadly) and extended the recall to cover my car and other cars as well.
  5. Yes, and it's not the vents.
  6. Hi all with an update. After the latest silicone attempt, and heavy rain, there is STILL some small amount of water coming in from somewhere other than the tail lights / boot. I went inside the boot, with someone power hose-ing the entire area, not a drop went in so the silicone fix is working. So, I'm thinking that the water is coming in from the underside of the car somehow. I noticed that under the spare tyre, those plastic sealant "welds" are cracked. Could water be entering from there? or from an other area underneath the car, like under rear bumper or something? Any1 any input?
  7. don't know about that but I will say that im 40 years old, and this is the only car I bought that had water leakage. Will not be buying Toyota's no more.
  8. some water would still come in from the right side. It was coming in from the plastic clip that attaches the light to the body. some more silicone fixed that
  9. well, unfortunatelly, the left side is still leaking, nowhere near as bad as before though. Water must be coming in from a different path on the left side somehow, as I used the same technique / amount of silicone on both tail lights. Does any1 else have an improved fix?
  10. update on fixing that spare wheel holder. 30 Euro for a new one from Toyota? No Thanks. See here a 50 cent solution that works equally well. 1) Welded a hex bolt on top of the original screw (remember, plastic disintegrated) 2) Cut a metal joiner bar thingy to size (bought from a hardware store).
  11. thanks for the info. Well, we had some rain today, I was driving the car at the time, also parked it while it rained for like 30 minutes or so. Just checked the boot, dry as a bone. Hope problem is resolved.
  12. Ohh I was quite generous when applying silicone, I applied it all around the car body where it meets the light, and also all around the original seal and around the holes for the plastic snap-ons and the screws. It still hasn't rained so can't tell if it worked at all, we should get plenty of rain in the next couple of days so we'll update. Still, does any1 know what them rubber caps under the spare wheel are there for???
  13. Thanks Furtula, I know which rubber caps you mean. What is their actual use though? Wouldn't poking a hole through them change (whatever) their function is meant to be? Isn't the PETROL tank right under the boot???
  14. After fixing the flooded tail light last year (DIY), and after recently changing the leaky petrol pump (at the dealer cost 300+ Euro), I now found the following problems: Leak in boot. Attempted a DIY fix by removing both tail lights, silicone-ing the seals and reinstalling. We'll see how it holds, it's gonna rain on Sunday. Broken SPARE WHEEL SCREW HOLDER, plastic simply cracked/snapped and metal screw no longer is held by the plastic bit. Tried to drill it through but screw is too short that way. Attempted a DIY fix by using the original screw and some 0.25cm thickness metal plate - cut to size, should hold, I hand tigthened the screw but I don't know if I'll be able to unscrew it if I need to change the tyre and I'm away from the house/without a wrench, but more worried about safety (a friend got hit in the head by a loose spare tyre in an accident - spent a month in COMA and 3 months recovering)..
  15. mystery solved, sound was coming from worn REAR brake pads (indicator was rubbing). My new drop link from Ebay has a small slit on the top side of the rubber on one end, is this normal or is this a dodgy part (already installed)..