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  1. Thanks, will try and investigate at weekend.
  2. Hi, the latest is that i can lock the car via the fob but not unlock it.I have to use key to gain entry,but then the hazard lights start flashing for a 30 secs or so,these can`t be switched off no matter what,then i can drive the car,however the little red light located in the switch above the central fresh air vent is continously illuminated. The battery although charged yesterday seems strong,but i will get it checked as soon as i`m able to,anyone have anymore ideas? The bulb in the interior light located in the centre of the car is missing,does that have any bearing on any of the above? Many thanks.
  3. Hi Raj, did you mange to sort it?If so could you let me know please,my car is having the same probs. thanks.
  4. Hi Dan, did you manage to find a solution to this problem?My car is suffering from the same :(
  5. Thanks for the reply Phil,will get the battery tested although it`s only 2 years old.
  6. Hi, the key fob is playing up,sometimes it won`t lock or unlock the car at all,other times it works fine.Another thing that may or may not be related is that if i don`t drive the car for even 2 days the battery goes completely flat.Anyone encountered this before? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi Acetip, thanks for the nice welcome.Must say i`m really impressed with the Avensis,perhaps i might even convert (from VAG that is lol).This seems like a nice friendly forum too.
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome Paul. Looks like you`re a fan of the legendary Ayrton Senna !
  9. Hi everyone, just got my first Toyota,it`san Avensis mk1(series1?) so only right that i join the owners club. I`ve always owned VAG cars but now i`ve just bought my first Japanese car. Must say the first impressions are great,it`s soilid,safe,quiet,build quality is fab. Will post some pics up if i am able later. Sax
  10. Steve

    Welcome to the Toyota forums Sax :)