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  1. acetip, Thanks for the reply - yes I have now tried my local dealer and they have them, so sorted now. Cheers
  2. Cheers Awebb, have now found one, like you said with my local dealer for £7.50.
  3. On my Corolla Verso T-Spirit it has the front dual camera's for pulling away at junctions. I think that there is maybe a loose wire, as most of the time they do not work, but occasionally when I switch them on both have a picture but only for a couple of seconds before scrambling up again. I have had a quick look and cannot work out the easiest way to access the back of the cameras to have a look. Has anyone else had a similar problem with theirs and could they offer any advice on what to look at? Thanks Lamp16
  4. I have recently purchased a Corolla Verso T-Spirit with the built in DVD player. On the day that I picked the car up the DVD player worked. The next day I turned the screens on and both pictures were rolling and not playing the DVD. Occasionally the DVD will play but most of the time the splash screen states No Disc on a rolling screen. I am pretty sure the problem must be with the DVD player itself, as both the screens seem ok. Can anyone offer any advice on what to check on this - in simple instructions please? Let me know if more information is needed. Many thanks Lamp16
  5. Hi, Newbie poster here. Does anyone know how to go about ordering a replacement service log booklet for a Toyota Corolla Verso and what the likely cost is? Many thanks Lamp16
  6. Hi all, I recently brought a Corolla Verso and am very happy with the car, but have a generic Toyota question. The garage that I brought the car from has lost the service booklet for the car, does anyone know if replacement ones are available direct from Toyota? I am aware that it will not have the history, but want a booklet for the services that I will have done on the car. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Lamp16
  7. Welcome to the Toyota forums Lamp16 :)

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