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  1. To be honest that's a very good and obvious suggestion. I didn't consider it (sometimes we don't see the things right in front of our faces) because I was so worked up at paying 2K for a clutch. Still convinced it is the clutch, but I will nevertheless, take it back for once over.
  2. Hello, Just had my catalytic convertor stolen while parked up in Ealing. Had it replaced at the dealers (£1400). Now I've got a burning smell, a very strong burning smell when doing clutch work (such as when moving into tight space). There's no slipping. I'm assuming the fact that the burning smell is happening after the cat (and front box) were fitted is just a coincidence, and it's actually the clutch? And that there's no possibility of the clutch somehow being damaged when they fitted the cat? I face a dilemma because I have a Toyota extended warranty. The dealer is 'friendly' but if they can't do it under warranty (due to wear and tear) the cost is £1900 for the clutch and DMF, versus £1100 for a LUK clutch and DMF at an independent place. But if the independent place finds anything else wrong (or causing it) then that wouldn't be covered, whereas it probably would be at Toyota, and 'possibly' the whole lot would be covered by my warranty if the dealer can push it through. Car a is 2007 Avensis 2.2 D-4D. Any thoughts on the above? And also anyone have any thoughts if my DMF might be ok if I've just got a burning smell and no slipping? Cheers.
  3. Yes, my injectors were replaced free of charge. My impression of the dealers was that they were going to replace as much as they could, without too many 'accurate' checks as it was all warranty work billed to Toyota. Interestingly, I went to one dealers and my injectors were spot on. A few days later, another dealer's (the one who did the engine replacement) found them to be completely over the allowed tolerances, so replaced them with the engine free of charge.
  4. Yes, my injectors were diagnosed as being out of tolerance at the time of the engine failure. I took it in due to an engine management light. However, two months prior the tolerances of the injectors were checked during the winter check up at the dealers due to noise at 2500rpm. At that point they were just within normal tolerance.
  5. It's probably because I have a Toyota Approved Used Warranty on my car. The engine and EGR valve was replaced under the goodwill warranty, the injectors were probably replaced under the Approved Warranty. The water pump was leaking and was definitely replaced under the Approved Used Warranty. However, I notice that some dealers are more lenient than others, and some seem to know how to play the system. I would consider speaking with another dealership -- preferably one in a big city as they seem to know how to play the game better and seem to look for warranty work. Toyota customer service has been excellent, and I like my Toyota, but I'm not sure I'd buy a Toyota diesel again, probably stick with Japanese petrol engines, esp. as the new 1.8 Avensis has the same fuel consumption as my 2.2 D4D.
  6. Thank you for the replies. Re: Devon They've told me they will be fitting new injectors too as mine are outside of normal tolerances. They are also going to put a new water pump in. I'll check on the EGR tomorrow. But so far the dealer has been very very helpful. And Toyota have offered me a hire car too seeing as the garage is out of courtesy cars. V. impressive customer service.
  7. I took my 2007 2.2 D4D to the dealers today due to the engine management light coming on. They phoned me back two hours later and said they are going to give me a complete new engine under the extended warranty. My question is (because I forgot to ask the dealer): Is the EGR valve part of the engine? Will they fit a new EGR valve when they put the new engine in? I pick it up on Friday. Thanks.
  8. Toyota did some test on the injectors and found them to be bang on. None of them were even near upper levels of the tolerance margin. So I think the injectors are ok too.
  9. The Air filter is brand new, it's just had a major 60000 service. 99% of the time there is nothing coming from the exhaust. However, every few weeks, upon starting, a plume of white smoke will come from the exhaust upon starting which lasts for about one minute until I start driving. When this happens the engine doesn't catch first time and I have to restart.
  10. Hi, I have a 2.2 D-4D. FSH at the dealers, 60,000 miles, runs excellently with no issues. The Toyota dealer decided to clean the MAF. Since then my round town fuel consumption has dropped to 25 mpg, even with a very light foot, and with trying to use as little fuel as possible. Can the MAF (and cleaning it) affect fuel consumption like this?
  11. Interesting idea, though I feel a bit nervous at experimenting with 2 stroke oil, especially as my car is still under warranty. The other thing I would be worried about is how the ECU would handle the fuel. I remember reading that Toyota did an ECU software update to the Avensis (when taken in for a service) so that the fuel system would handle British / European diesel better. If this was the case, and then I altered the diesel with 2 stroke oil, I'd be worried long term how the ECU / Engine would deal with it.
  12. This has probably been debated over before, but... I was using supermarket / cheap diesel. The injectors were noisy between 1500 - 2500 rpm, and the car not as responsive. I didn't think anything of it. Then, when the fuel light had been on for 20 miles, so the tank was fairly empty, I filled up with BP Ultimate Diesel (the more expensive one). The difference was noticeable. The car does not clatter on acceleration, it is quieter overall, especially at idle and low revs. The car is more responsive. And I'm getting perhaps 3 - 4 mpg more.
  13. Took my Avensis into Toyota World Solihull today due to a leak. They gave me a same day appointment, diagnosed the problem while I waited (it is a failed water pump), gave me lots of freshly ground high quality coffee, then waived the £50 diagnostic charge, gave my car a mini valet for free, and arranged for the repair under warranty. All with a cheery smile. Would heartily recommend them to anyone in the Birmingham area.
  14. To add to the mpg figures though with a 2.2 D-4D (2007 T150). Just returned from a run from Birmingham to Oxford and managed 70.2 mpg, which I'm really happy with, especially on a 2.2. I did have it on cruise control the whole way, which I think made a difference as it's not as heavy as my foot.
  15. Please tell me if I have this right: 1. D-CAT is Toyota's name for DPF. 2. I have a 2007 Avensis 2.2 D-4D T150. It doesn't mention D-CAT anywhere on it. Therefore, it neither has a DPF nor D-CAT. 3. So no problems with regen, nor any need to do an 'Italian Tune-up', nor drive at motorway speeds for at least 20 mins every so often. Do I have this correct? I did an 'Italian Tune-up' two days ago on the bypass (lovely torque on this engine in second and third), and there was no smoke coming from the exhaust. Thanks.