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  1. Thanks, I would be fine if was a couple of hours, but days I can't manage without my car. I will call them back sometime next week.
  2. I had my car in for service at local dealer last week. They left a note saying it will be needed in for a VIN sticker recall. They phoned me this morning and said when can it be booked in. I said could it be done if I leave it with them and I shop in town while it's done but they said no they would need it a couple of days. I can't be without my car that long. Last week I cycled to work in the rain when it was being serviced. Is it life and death getting this done.
  3. I haven't yet. I didn't really know where to start looking tbh but I can get some ideas now. Thanks
  4. I have just bought a 2018 Aygo. I used to have a Yaris and could fit my bike and sons bike in the car with seats down. I know the Aygo is a lot smaller so wondered if there was an option of a bike rack. Thanks
  5. I had the pollen filter changed. £20 inc vat and labour, Not had much chance to test yet. But will update when i have. Old filter does look a bit mucky.
  6. I have booked it in at local garage to get the filter done tomorrow morning, it has never been changed so that defo needs doing. Booked it at toyota on friday for its intermediate service. So if problem not solved they can check it out on friday. thank you for all the help. 😉
  7. The car is nearly 3.5 years old. I think the last time it was serviced on its full service i remember them saying something about the pollen filter but u said to leave it for time being. On my notes it says £49 pollen so presume that is what they mean. i will get it booked in for service and get the pollen filter changed
  8. Yes it does. I suppose i should maybe get it serviced. Its due one soon so maybe thats something. Or is that something that is easy to do yourself
  9. Yes it does. I suppose i should maybe get it serviced. Its due one soon so maybe thats something.
  10. I did try switching the recirculation and fresh air to see if it was stuck. But I always have it on fresh air. I did try putting air con on and turned temp down as that is what I do in summer. Didn't help. But didn't try hot air and air con. Will give that a try. Just seems odd that only be en troubling me recently.
  11. I have noticed the last few times I have driven in my car at night that my windows are not demisting properly. Front windscreen demists a bit but not the full windscreen. That is with full fan on. My drivers and passenger windows were not clearing and rear windscreen cleared a little bit but not fully. It seems to work a bit but not enough. Any thoughts Thanks
  12. But he's an Audi driver .... what is the difference between toyota and audi drivers, are we a different league. I had been given flowers when I had bought my last 2 yaris cars, so i thought it was something that has stopped. Its ok, not bothered really. Prefer the fuel anyday.
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