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  1. Recieved this email from them. Maybe of interest:
  2. TRD Exhaust - The US Edition with TRD Engraved on the side ~ £350 - COLLECTION ONLY For Information I am based in Bristol. PM or post here with interest/offers. Removed from Celica 190. Will fit 140 (so told). Won't post. Can organise a meeting point at a service station or similar if required! Thanks for looking.
  3. 17" Bellini Condors in Bronze finish. No longer made. 5x100 Offset of 40 215/45/17 Tyres £250 Bad Bits: 1 Wheel has a small kerbing mark (mainly its a burr) and the tyre has low tread. 1 Wheel has a small metal pin in the rubber. Been told not to remove it. The wheel with the minor kerbing. Close up of kerbing. The wheel with the pin in. The metal pin in the tyre. Will Fit: For Information I am based in Bristol. Wheels maybe multi fitment as 10 holes appear on the wheel. PM or post here with interest/offers. Thanks for looking.
  4. http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/177197.htm Looks nice I think.
  5. 190 - No Traction Control T Sport - Traction Control Thats the mechanical differences. Insurance was £900 for a 190, and £1500 for a T Sport - only cause of TC.
  6. Externally they can be the same - Wheels, Spoilers etc as the 140 can have all the extras put on and look like a 190 (not a TS) Just ask them, or look at the rev counter and where the red line starts, 140 is a standard 6500 ish and 190 is 8500 ish. Just ask the dealer. Also check the engine bay and if the engine says VVTLi on it, you got a 190.
  7. I watched it on You Tube before it was on TV? Same day but like in the morning. Work that one out.
  8. Urm... how? High Miler or a rushed sale for someone?
  9. Which pads with black diamond?
  10. TRD Graphics Tom's Graphics I belive after market exahaust of some sort, not sure though. Standard wheels Seen: Friday ~ 2pm Oriental Driver, I was behind you most of the time, and then I got annoyed with the 206 we were following and took evasive (but safe) action and over took them (on a dual carriageway) Didn't see any club graphics but who knows.
  11. On both mainly TOC! more specific
  12. Alot of money being about £5k
  13. From where? I find them for about £90-£100.
  14. May not be ideal to state that on an open forum!
  15. Il do a GB for 3G Rotors on a G7. 3G Brembo 20 Groove? Would that beThe GR-20 And what about discs on the rear? Final query, are RedStuffs alrite for road use? I know they are legal but arn't they a bit poor until warmed up?
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