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  1. Mobil 1 is a good oil. Some other car forum members (Mercedes) will only use Mobil 1 and even say that castrol magnatec has an adverse effect on their engines. Over the years ( and I have a few under my belt!) I've used both and have never had any problems. As suggested already if you are concerned take your own oil in for them to change, it will cost you much less anyway.
  2. Just a quick update on this. I changed the oil and filter on mine but had difficulty resetting the oil maintenance message as I have the smart entry/start with no ignition key. The instructions above didn't work. This is how I did It. Set the ODO trip to 'A' Turn the engine off. Do NOT touch the brake pedal. Hold in the ODO button Touch the start button briefly and let go Still holding the ODO button Hold in the start button for about 5 seconds. A countdown appears on the display (flashing dashes) and then it shows 0000 Job done!
  3. I think their prices are 2 or 3 times what they should be. If its only 4 wheel alignment £50 is nearer the mark. Go and have a haggle or book it in with kwik fit!
  4. I would give kwik fit a go. Just read you post again and you say they changed the front tyres. It's normal to get a new valve and balance included in the cost of the tyre. Do you mean wheel alignment rather than balancing?
  5. Probably get flamed for suggesting it but kwik fit now use the Hunter 4 wheel alignment system. I was there last week getting a tyre for my daughters car and was very impressed with the setup. There's a display in the waiting room so you can see the adjustments being made. They charge £38 for 4 wheel alignment. Not sure why your wheels are out of balance unless the weights have fallen off, I would say £18 a bit steep to balance a wheel anyway. HTH
  6. Met up with David this evening and read the code. Steve was quite right, oxygen sensor, spot on!
  7. Aycee


    Pinched mine from the Internet but its pretty close to the real thing!!!
  8. No problem, could meet halfway maybe Farnham or Aldershot and plug it in! Await your PM
  9. Whereabouts in Hampshire are you? I have an Autel scanner and if you are not too far I could help you with the code reading. I'm in Headley Down near Bordon Angelos
  10. Catching up with me now! Happy birthday Kev, enjoy the hols!
  11. Toyota checked it in October but they couldn't do anything as they were awaiting parts. Got the call and took it back end of November for the new parts to be fitted. Less than one hour to do the job including a car wash!
  12. Compression test must be the way forward before taking off the head.
  13. Have to agree, thanks everyone for the heads up. Used it yesterday, brilliant!
  14. Hello and welcome, interesting point. My drive is very steep and twice in the snow I've tried to reverse up and eventually the rear wheels started spinning. Dropped down to the bottom and drove up forwards, no problem. Mind you could just be the weight of the engine on the front wheels. Also very impressed with the downhill assist thingy, once I had read how to use it properly!!
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