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  1. Certainly doesn't sound right. I know mine's not an Auris, but back in September I left the Yaris hybrid unused for 19 days and it stared absolutely fine.
  2. Yay Have to say that I don't manually stick it in Eco mode, mine usually stays in "normal" - the only time I've used Eco was the few days we had snow in London last year.
  3. Glad it's finally fixed :)
  4. No, it's only with the car on. The one and only time I noticed in a year of having the car is when I was actually trying to hear it so that I could check for Colin. But then I do have music on all the time really so...
  5. I did manage to hear it, it's extremely faint though and I can only hear it if the car is stationary, with no ambient noise from outside, and obviously no other noise from the car - no wonder I never noticed before!
  6. Enjoy Got a t4 too last October too and after the initial running in period (and winter!) I have been consistently getting 73mpg over a tankful - that's calculated by me and not the car - I just drive it normally like I would any other car. I'll see what I get this winter, but my worst mpg over a tankful since owning the car was 62 which isn't too shabby really :)
  7. Haven't noticed on mine, but will have a good listen later today to make sure.
  8. Have no idea what it was called before because I've never receive one before :p still, it's been rehomed in the bin now so...
  9. First mag I get from them in a year of ownership so that would make a bit of a strange quarter I'll have to see if I can opt out of receiving any future mags as they will just go straight in the bin anyway so no point sending them in the first place.
  10. Yep, got one yesterday too, it's still unopened though - bought a car last year, don't need to get another one this year
  11. Frankly, given that this has been going on for a while, I'd be contacting Watchdog - you have no idea how efficient most companies become just to avoid getting mentioned there :P
  12. I'm going to have to give that a try just because :)
  13. At that rate you might be better off selling the French Yaris and buying a UK one Have you looked at UK insurance for a French model yet? That might not be straightforward as the trim names & levels are unlikely to match, so that could make your life difficult too. Et je suis française aussi :D
  14. Pleased to report that my car started just fine after having sat unused for 19 days :) I think the two Kevins are being extremely patient.
  15. Under the rear seat, driver side
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