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  1. Thank you! That looks promising - and I'm not far from Sandhurst, will ask them.
  2. Hi all, New user to this forum, but have been driving a Gen 2 Prius T-Spirit (57 plate) for 3 years, and just traded it in for a 1 year old Gen 3 T-Spirit. First impressions are lovely, then I found the audio changes. No JBL speakers/amp - and the silly software issue with the Bluetooth audio where you can't select playlist/album. I gather a JBL upgrade (amp/speaker) is available for over £1k - is that right? I also gather there is an upgrade to fit a USB socket into the centre console next to the AUX socket - anyone know how much that costs and if most dealers will fit it? It seems the software issue has been done to death with no resolution (except buy a 2012 model!) so the USB option sounds a good alternative - as long as this gave the missing functionality that bluetooth misses. The JBL upgrade would be nice, but at that price yikes. Appreciate people's opinions, and any info as I suspect my dealer won't know about most of the above!
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums rederick :)