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  1. I managed to get the torque specs for toyota auris 1.6 petrol braking system for those who are interested. This is for engine codes other than 4ZZ (mine is 3ZZ) TMC made ZR series. Front disc brake cylinder mounting (carrier) to steering knuckle 107Nm (this is same for 4ZZ engines as well) Front disc brake cylinder assembly (calliper) to front disc cylinder mounting (carrier) 30Nm Rear disc brake cylinder mounting (carrier) to rear axle 57 Nm ( same for 4ZZ engines as well) rear disc brake cylinder assembly (calliper) to rear disc cylinder mounting . 30Nm wheel nuts 103Nm. Actually just checked the only difference between 4ZZ engines and others is the calliper to carrier has a slightly higher torque setting of 34Nm instead of 30Nm. Hope this help, although it was from the horses mouth use at your own risk. If anyone has the torque spec for the water pump, that will be great.
  2. Hi, Does any one know the torque setting for the bolts securing the caliper to carrier and carrier to hub for both the front and rear on a 1.6 Auris. Also is there a workshop manual out there somewhere to buy? I also need to change the water pump is this a pretty easy job, like on the vw golfs? Thanks everyone
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums c1lee :)