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  1. I would send a personal message, however, my messaging facility has been withdrawn by somebody far superior to myself, a higher being, one who looks upon people such as myself as vermin, barely worthy of drawing breath, dirty and worthless. Never mind, must dash, I've all my Christmas presents to buy and pound land closes at 5 o'clock.
  2. Sorry i didn't comment on this post earlier, I hit a pothole this morning, the floorpan detached from the body…. R. Usty
  3. I'm sure you will love it, nice spec too !
  4. Welcome to the club Phil, what the collective forum members don't know about Rav's ain't worth knowing….. :)
  5. Oh well, keep looking, when things don't first appear right, they usually aren't….
  6. Oh yes they do, apart from the plate change months, it is one of our busiest times, particularly between xmas and New Year Most companies have a strict 60 day policy. There might be a "perceived" 2K profit in a car, but you are right, the dealer pays VAT on the profit left in the car. The dealer has to put a large profit in the xar as when it is in stock for two months, the depreciation, bank charges, stocking costs all start to eat in massively. The dealer may then have to over alow on a part exchange to move the car on, realisticly you are looking at about 800-1000 profit, unless of course i
  7. Soon to be recognised as a criminal offence…….Section 54, making just and reasonable comments on a public forum. Punishable by 1 week solitary confinement in the general discussion section.
  8. I was 54'd recently for welcoming a new member to a specific forum……... http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/154073-new-member/
  9. As a Rav owner I'm sure Niklaus will find the Corolla and detailing forum captivating……..
  10. It's 18 miles from me, just not sure which direction…...
  11. This one Paul ? It has to be worth a look, especially as it's a one owner car, http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201311280207165/sort/default/usedcars/postcode/ol35tx/page/1/onesearchad/used%2Cnearlynew%2Cnew/make/toyota/price-to/2000/model/hilux/radius/1501?logcode=p
  12. Now then Liz ! ….I'm surrounded by such animals all day and have no unusual habits I will have you know ! I came across it on the blog of a Toyota dealer, here's another to chuckle at……..
  13. Incase you're still undecided………… I came across this….
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