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  1. very nice. great steps you did this year
  2. i like the noise of your turbo. its coming trough the exhaust or trough the air intake? is it a 2.2 d-cat auris?
  3. i would like to see the photos too Sent from my iPhone using Toyota OC App
  4. Last Time i did a video, but the Sound isnt that good thats why i dont want to post this video. you have to feel it real by sitting in my car Sent from my iPhone using Toyota OC App
  5. i can do later a video to youtube when i am driving through a tunnel Gesendet von meinem iPhone mit Toyota OC
  6. hey speedchaser.the German words mean,That you have to cut the Wire ,which goes to the turning lights. then put the yellow wire and then your Box, then the cable of the Box to the turning light. Write me a pm if you want to translate more Gesendet von meinem iPhone mit Toyota OC
  7. thx for compliments. your d4d has no diesel particke filter? so you can build your exhaust system directly beginning at the turbo? Gesendet von meinem iPhone mit Toyota OC
  8. i think after installation it looks like normal and not tuned.i can tell them it is delivered in that way by toyota. do you know a product nummer for these twofilamentbulbfoots? Gesendet von meinem iPhone mit Toyota OC
  9. yeah it is without the central muffler, but i dont know the company Gesendet von meinem iPhone mit Toyota OC
  10. thx the pipes you cannot hide cause of the axle. that is the maximum. you can hear the turbo whistling inside and the exhaust after 2000rpm and in tunnels or garages. i wanted these big pipes, because i wanted that you see that there is an individual exhaust system. and i wanted a system which makes the car looking brighter. it was so much expensive,that i want to point it to everyone, that there is a not simply bought system. Gesendet von meinem iPhone mit Toyota OC
  11. thx for editing. i know that it is not legal, but it doesnt matter.
  12. here are my new features: a whole new exhaust system made by burdinski nearby berlin. we wanted to start building at turbo, but it wasnt possible because then he needs to extend the way between turbo and diesel particle filter. but this will cause problems with the control unit, so we started directly after the dpf with a 2.5 inch pipe. now there are no silencers installed, only a long pipe, seperated in two tailpipes with 5.0 inch diameter. now the car accelerates much better and i have really big grip problems with the second gear. also the turbolag got smaller. here is a soundfile: http://youtu.be/zkez7FoZm0U here are some pics: new orange light in the center console, acting with a magnetic switch. my new dashcam from vicovation with wifi connection to my iphone to transfer videos without any pc.
  13. here you can find a good exhaust system http://board.toyota-forum.de/showthread.php/144256-TrAxX´s-Auris-Touge-build-up-(Saison-2013-Specs-)?p=1778483&viewfull=1#post1778483 https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=wA64dTYSQCs or this one is a whole kit from bastuck starting from catalysator https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6oJnhNjKIc or you are going to special exhaust tuner like me
  14. i want to change the design of my headlamps, but i need some help. i want, that both lights (rear light and brake light) will shine the same time. therefore i have to use twofilament bulbs and need new lamp foots for these kind of bulbs. here in germany both lights are seperated and can only shine once at a time. is this in every country such like here in germany? cause then i can use your lamp foots from your country and have a plug and play system. or has someone installed such like this before?
  15. thats exactly what i thought in september 2013, that you have not the correct suspension kit for your car. some posts later we solved it. so i cannot see there any problem made by kw. be lucky, that you have kw and not a individual solution, this will cost a lot more
  16. thats exactly what i thought, there are two different rear suspensions on the auris and you need the correct springs. when do you get your new springs and when is it installed?
  17. thx for your opinion. i wanted a little sportive look with these red stripes. now i also have them at the foglights and on the license plate, but i have no new photos of them. the roof spoiler is from trc-tuning http://www.trc-tuning.com/index_shop_neu.htm this spoiler follows the slowly down coming line of the car. for me it looks more harmonic. the tte goes a little bit up, when you look from the side and also everybody has it.
  18. hey brainii these orange stoppers of the last photo we cut a little bit an put them in the back kw suspension. my length between the edge of the wheel arch and the wheel centre ist 325mm in the front and 345mm in the back. how is it on your car? what version of the kw suspension do you have? there are 3 version and they also differentiate between independent suspension and twist-beam rear suspension. do you have the correct one for your car? the number on the photo of the damper is the same number of mine. i have a 2007 auris dcat. i have a definitily a independant suspension. anybody knows what kind of suspension the 1,4 auris have? these are only some thougts, which should help you to find a solution
  19. i have already a coilover suspension of kw (version 1) installed.nearly since two years. if you follow the instructions of kw 100 percent, the back is too low. they say remove the bumpstoppers/spring limiters but this isnt possible, so put them in and everything ist fine. nobody can really control if you have this in. here in germany you will get no stress with our car checkers. i have lowered the car in the front more than 50mm and the back 60mm. with 225/40 tires on 18'' rims with 8'' width you have no problems with rubbing tires. the back you can lower more if you want, but then you will have problems when you transport more than 2 persons. you can look for pictures at my thread: http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/139210-black-toyota-auris-d-cat-from-germany/#entry1230626
  20. cool. we definitily want to see some pictures then. maybe you can also do some photos during the construction :-)
  21. hey alex, on you example-picture of your trunk lamp it is looking quite orange. thats why i asked for the bulbs: i wanted to know which kind of product you put in. the company and the product name and maybe also the colour temperature if you know. cause, when you remember, i tried to make the front light on my auris looking similar. the pedals: i can only buy the not round ones because i have a non automatic auris.but thanks for the advice. mats: with you doubts you have right, i have the same too, but now my original mats are getting holes, so i have something to do. and the original ones cost 50-60€. i didnt buy the alu mats till today cause i am missing a little bit of money and alu pedals. now i have one :-)
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