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  1. Any pics or news about the changes in the facelifted avensis? Is it scheduled for mid 2006?
  2. I found some photos of the new TS. Facelifted CTS photos What are the main differences between the current and the new model inside and outside?
  3. Hi Anyone with news and photos with the new CTS? What are the interior and exterior changes to the car? Is it worth waiting?
  4. Any picture of the new Corola TS? Are there any changes in the interior of the car?
  5. Hi I have just purchased a 2nd handed gen 7 celica TS model August 2002 with 9k miles. The car has 215/40 tyres in 17'' rims and the TTE springs. I have the car for about 2 days and I observed that the steering wheel is very sensitive to road anomalies. Is that normal? I have also heard a noise from the back and right (I think). It is like a squeak. Something like a vibration of a glass or like you have a small rock on a metal surface. Could you please help me identify that noise and eliminate it because it makes me nervous. Btw the trunk and all the car is totaly empty of things. thanks a lot
  6. any link for the carbon fiber eurolights?
  7. I am trying for a couple of days to enter to the site www.celica-club.co.uk but it gives me the following message: Forbidden! You do not have permission to access the requested file on this server. I am registered in this site' s forum but now I cannot enter. Do you know what has happened? Does this have something to do with my computer? thanks
  8. Is it going to be a new model or the long waited TTE supercharger kit?
  9. thanks m8 Is there any problem with the ecu in generation 7 celicas with the 2zzge engine (190/TSport)? I have heard something in some forums but I am not sure what is the problem.
  10. I have just found a 2nd hand celica TS 2000 model year with 15000 miles. Could you please tell me what things should I be carefull? Are there any specific points of the car that I should pay more attention when checking it in a toyota dealer? I find the 15000 miles of the car to be very little for 3 years use. Is there any way that the previous owner can turn the miles back in the odometer? If yes, is there any way to find out? thanks
  11. I was in the same situation I had ordered a CTS and as soon as I learned about the facelift I canceled the order. It must be true because I contacted TTE and they said that they have heard something but they do not know when. It has also been writen in a few magazines at least here in greece. They say summer but you can never be sure. Take into consideration that toyota never reveals its projects until last minute. And also a facelift is absolutely logical at this moment. Just think that in summer corolla will be in the market for 2,5 years almost in the middle of its cycle, and this is the year that most of Toyota' s competitors reveal their new cars. New golf, focus, astra, mazda 3, facelift 147, facelift civic. So I ' d better wait a few months rather than buy a car that will be replaced in a few months and depreciates rapidly. I also want my car to stay new for as long as possible after I buy it. I wonder why toyota do that to it's cars every few years. I know many people who do not buy toyota for this reason, the constant change in models. Just see golf and astra 6 years in production without even 1 facelift.
  12. Anyone knows if there is any garage where they can convert the green lights of the dashboard to red lights reliably.
  13. Imek what about the tuning of your engine? Are you satisfied? Do you have any dyno results?
  14. Hi spwolf long time no see I totaly agree with you. 225hp and 250Nm is very good figures for a car like cts and most importand without compromising warranty. We should not forget that these are the figures for Leon (225 hp) after tuning by revo and the engine of leon has much lower compression rate and it is build to be turbo. I only wish we can afford TTE SC kit but right now they do not have (or give us) a clue about the price.
  15. Type-r will be available in greece maybe in june so if you are in a hurry.....??
  16. There will be a TTE compressor kit late this year. Go to "Big E12 Gallery" thread in this Corolla forum and read more info.
  17. Sorry to come again to this topic but I have just seen this info in the motormobiles mag (german). It has a list of cars to be redesigned or facelifted in 2004. JULI BMW Mini Cabrio, mit Stoffverdeck und Platz für Vier Ford Mondeo 2.2 TDCI Hyundai Tucson Jaguar 2.7 V6 S-Type Diesel, der große Diesel Sechs-Zylinder von Ford im S-Type Maserati Vorstellung neue Supersportwagen Mazda Tribute Facelift MG Rover 75 Facelift Nissan Patrol Facelift Saab 9-3 Kombi Vorstellung Toyota Corolla Facelift und Verso Siebensitzer Volvo V70 und S60 Facelift Do you think this is a reliable magazine? Please take a look and tell me what you think The web page is: motormobiles magazine (de)
  18. Welcome to the club mate. I think CTS is a value for money car at least in greece. I would recommend it but it depends what you are looking for. Do not expect low-mid range torgue though. The engine is at its best over 6000 rpm. And yes it is the right period to buy it as many of it' s problems should have been solved after 2 years in production. Also take into consideration that you will have to wait about 4 months to take it. I am in the 4th month and they still dont know where my car is :ffs: I hope to find out on monday. PS: Gianitsas (peiraios avenue) has a CTS so you can test drive it there. Hope to help cheers
  19. Well more news about the TTE compressor kit. I have just contacted TTE and here is the email they sent me: "We presented the Corolla TS Compressor at the Essen Motorshow as a concept car. The compressor is still under development and we cannot promise an introduction date yet. The power increase is close to 18 % from 192 hp up to 225 hp. Torque of 250 Nm equals around 181 lb-ft. Unfortunately I do not have any prices now. If you are still interested in please do not hesitate to contact me in summer 2004 again for further info." In summer 2004? Why so late? It is 2 years after the appearance of the corolla and almost 4 years for the 2zzge and they do not seem too hurry to develop any kits to improve it. I hope that the price will be low enough for someone to buy it because if it costs like the blitz kit then..... :ffs:
  20. We would appreciate to use english language in the forum so anyone can understand.
  21. I saw the pictures too. Some of them are quite nice. I noticed the pictures of the corolla TS compressor. Do you know if the TTE kit is available and what is the gain in power and torgue? I hope it is not so expensive as the blitz kit. Btw I liked the front spoiler of the cts compressor. What is the company which makes that spoiler.
  22. Hi If I am not mistaken this kit (D4D) is for the diesel engine only. cheers
  23. Welcome to the club mate. There are many greek people in the forum including myself. cheers
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