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  1. Yes, Alex, I have the geuine mats. The dealer did mention this. Gordon
  2. Thank you Neelix and David. Just back from my dealer and he says you have to push the clutch pedal to the floor. I thought I was doing this but maybe not firmly enough. I will see how I get on..
  3. gordon7809

    Not Starting

    Hi Guys I have had my secondhand 2010 IQ now for about three weeks. On five ocassions it would not start. Lights all come on on the dash and the battery seems OK. When I turn the key the starter motor does not turn the engine over. After several trys it starts ok. I got stuck on the first day I had it coming out of a Tesco carpark. Had to switch on the hazards to alert other drivers. I am taking it to the dealer to see what is wrong, otherwise the car is great. I always put my foot on the clutch before turning the key. I have done this since I strarted driving to take the load of the engine.
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums gordon7809 :)