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  1. Thanks Pogle, I’ll let him know. Apparently his is the petrol model. Mines a 4.2 petrol and when I changed the battery the only thing I had after the first 14 miles was the engine management light came on. I plugged in my reader and it said no stored codes, I cleared the code memory anyway and the light never came back on. 🙂
  2. I’m asking this for someone on another non related forum. He has a 2008 RAV4 that needs a new battery and is wondering if he can just disconnect the battery and replace it as he’s worried it might affect the engine management system if the battery is just removed . He wondered if it has have a 12v supply connected while changing the battery. I think he has the OEM radio’s code so that wouldn’t be an issue. Cheers, Norm
  3. Thanks for that Lee, handy to have extra confirmation 🙂 I’ll order 1litre from Halfords tomorrow, I’ve used their paint quite a lot now and it seems really good. Our local one used to mix in store and it’s always been a perfect match but they’ve stopped doing that, has to be ordered online and picked up from the store. Takes about 4-5 days 🙁
  4. Yes, different surfaces will affect the final colour. The worst thing in the 70’s were the cheap aftermarket fibreglass wings, they always looked lighter when sprayed if you did them yourself, a lot of people reckoned this was because light could pass through the fibreglass from underneath and affect the colour, the trick apparently was to put a thick coat of bitumen under seal on the underside of the wing. The only fibreglass panel I ever had was a complete front on my old mini, but I found a black primer which worked quite well as I didn’t want to under seal the whole of the underneath !
  5. I thought I’d try the search function, talk about getting confused ! I put in all sorts of different combinations or single words and all I get back is mostly non relevant stuff on all Toyota makes and models ?? I can’t seem to find out how to make the search find the info for RAV4’s only I put something like Bumper paint codes and got back everything to do with paint, bumpers and codes ( mostly error ones ) on all models. There must be something I’m doing wrong 🙄 Norm
  6. Apologies Phillip and thanks for the reply. I haven’t used the search system much and couldn’t immediately see where it was ( found it now, hiding under Latest Posts - doh ) Code 196 is listed on a US site as Grey Pearl Metallic but doesn’t appear on the UK supplier I was looking 🙄. As it is 1D4 is called Titanium Metallic in the UK and Pewter silver metallic in the US ! Why they can’t call the same I don’t know ? Many thanks, Norm
  7. Hi Fellow RAV owners, I haven’t been on for a while but I’m hoping someone can help me. I need to respray the rear quarter bumpers and the front bumper on my 2001 GX. They’ve got a bit tatty and scratched and as I’ve got a spray gun and compressor and with the warmer weather coming up it seemed like a good idea. My problem is that although I think I know the main body colour which on the plate in the engine bay identifies it as 1D4, which I believe is Titanium Metallic, the bumpers are a darker grey metallic and there doesn’t seem to be a code on the plate for this ☹️ I can’t se
  8. Hi Bob, subject to checking the wires etc as you stated, if it turns out I need the sensor, this seems to be a very good deal https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Brand-New-Genuine-Denso-Post-Cat-Lambda-Oxygen-Sensor-for-Toyota-Rav-4/152682276465?epid=1029766019&hash=item238c92a671:g:RLoAAOSw71xZpXhk mines a 2001 petrol RAV4 so should be a direct fit. I’ve had it for 9 years now and it’s done 150,770 miles !
  9. Hi Folks, It’s been a while since I posted ( my 2001 petrol Rav’s just too damn reliable - lol ), anyway Saturday the EML came on and a quick plug in of my trusty OBDII reader threw up a P0161 code ie Sensor2 Bank2 which seems to equate to an O2 sensor. I reset the light and after a few miles today it came on again, suggesting it’s more than a glitch. As I’m now retired and funds are a bit more limited, I wondered if anyone had any experience of the ( much ! ) cheaper sensors that seem to be available ?, there seem to be ones on eBay and other places for between £18 - £40 whereas a
  10. Mines the 2litre VVTi petrol engine so wouldn't have the seasonal fuel issue like a diesel, ( unless there is a difference for petrol as well? ) and as you say they're mapped for 95 octane fuel so no real reason to use anything else. i don't think it was the fuel itself as I ended up with just over half a tank in total and the problem only lasted for the equivalent of around 3 miles, the more I think about it the more I think it must have been a bit of muck that got stirred up when I filled up and it then cleared itself. The main thing is I've now driven it for over a week with no repeat
  11. Hi redlew, I was half expecting a backlash of people saying I was talking rubbish ! I'm glad you agree with my view. Something I forgot to put in my last post was that I owned a 1988 Porsche 944s for 3 years from 2011 to 2014 and ran that almost exclusively on Asda petrol, it never gave me any problems which were in any way related to fuel type, and always passed the emission tests with flying colours. It had a lovely power delivery right through the rev range, and was a joy to drive :) I honestly don't think it would have performed the way it did if the supermarket petrol wa
  12. Hi Bonjo, I'm thinking it could have been a temporary blockage as you suggest, as she's been fine all week with no hint of a repeat of Sunday's issue. To be fair I've owned her for 5 years now and probably 95% of the petrol I've put in has been from our local Asda where my wife works. I don't honestly think that in the average family motor that supermarket petrol makes any real difference either to performance or reliability. After all they buy their petrol on the spot market and it still has to meet laid down DIN specifications, and given how many thousands of motorists fill up from
  13. Well, after 5 years of ownership and never having let us down our 51 plate beastie decided to throw me a curve ball today. She was fine yesterday, usual short trip to take the missus to work around lunchtime then pick her up around 7pm. Today about 11am I went to pick my mum up to come round ours for lunch, she started fine and I drove the 3 miles through town no problems at all. Went inside and got my mum ( about 5 mins ), went to start the car up and as soon as I took my foot off the accelerator she died, I restarted her and every time instead of idling she just died?? I managed to get
  14. I had a problem about 4 weeks ago when my aftermarket Sony radio stopped receiving anything but a strong local station ( everything else was just static ) After much checking I decided the amplified aerial base on the roof must be faulty. I tried my local Mr T dealer and laughed hysterically all the way out of the parts department - £249.83 inc. Vat for just the base - you must be flipping joking !! After much searching I managed to get a good working s/h one for £35 posted from JB Specialist Automotive in Coventry, which solved my problem and all my saved stations are now back again. I
  15. Yes, I seem to remember I found this ( or something similar ) the only trouble is there are three more bulbs on a circuit board which you have to take the module apart to get to ! Wish I'd done a picture by picture account now I noticed that the centre dash unit is a very slightly different design to mine, the silver trim on mine goes right round the bottom, the clock is in the middle and the switches for the rear heater, etc are in two pairs either side of the clock. If that's a facelift 4.2 version I think I prefer the look of mine ! Norm
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