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  1. Hi Bob, subject to checking the wires etc as you stated, if it turns out I need the sensor, this seems to be a very good deal mines a 2001 petrol RAV4 so should be a direct fit. I’ve had it for 9 years now and it’s done 150,770 miles !
  2. Hi Folks, It’s been a while since I posted ( my 2001 petrol Rav’s just too damn reliable - lol ), anyway Saturday the EML came on and a quick plug in of my trusty OBDII reader threw up a P0161 code ie Sensor2 Bank2 which seems to equate to an O2 sensor. I reset the light and after a few miles today it came on again, suggesting it’s more than a glitch. As I’m now retired and funds are a bit more limited, I wondered if anyone had any experience of the ( much ! ) cheaper sensors that seem to be available ?, there seem to be ones on eBay and other places for between £18 - £40 whereas a genuine Denso is around £75-90 Norm
  3. Mines the 2litre VVTi petrol engine so wouldn't have the seasonal fuel issue like a diesel, ( unless there is a difference for petrol as well? ) and as you say they're mapped for 95 octane fuel so no real reason to use anything else. i don't think it was the fuel itself as I ended up with just over half a tank in total and the problem only lasted for the equivalent of around 3 miles, the more I think about it the more I think it must have been a bit of muck that got stirred up when I filled up and it then cleared itself. The main thing is I've now driven it for over a week with no repeat of the problem :) Norm
  4. Hi redlew, I was half expecting a backlash of people saying I was talking rubbish ! I'm glad you agree with my view. Something I forgot to put in my last post was that I owned a 1988 Porsche 944s for 3 years from 2011 to 2014 and ran that almost exclusively on Asda petrol, it never gave me any problems which were in any way related to fuel type, and always passed the emission tests with flying colours. It had a lovely power delivery right through the rev range, and was a joy to drive :) I honestly don't think it would have performed the way it did if the supermarket petrol was as bad as some people reckon it is. Norm
  5. Hi Bonjo, I'm thinking it could have been a temporary blockage as you suggest, as she's been fine all week with no hint of a repeat of Sunday's issue. To be fair I've owned her for 5 years now and probably 95% of the petrol I've put in has been from our local Asda where my wife works. I don't honestly think that in the average family motor that supermarket petrol makes any real difference either to performance or reliability. After all they buy their petrol on the spot market and it still has to meet laid down DIN specifications, and given how many thousands of motorists fill up from supermarket filling stations every day, if the fuel was that bad there would be queues of cars packing up all over the place and it would be all over the news ! From what I can glean from reading about supermarket fuel on loads of different websites, the base fuel meets the laid down DIN specifications but there are different additives which are put in to 'improve' performance / engine cleaning / starting etc A lot of people put a higher octane rated fuel in their vehicles than the manufacturers recommend, this may well improve it but for me Toyota say put 95 Ron in the Rav and that's all I ever do. Although I've never owned a diesel car, I think putting quality fuel in this type of engine may well be more important than in a petrol one, especially wintertime when additives are vital to keep the fuel flowing properly, something us petrolheads don't have to worry about Fingers crossed the old girl will be ok now. Norm
  6. Well, after 5 years of ownership and never having let us down our 51 plate beastie decided to throw me a curve ball today. She was fine yesterday, usual short trip to take the missus to work around lunchtime then pick her up around 7pm. Today about 11am I went to pick my mum up to come round ours for lunch, she started fine and I drove the 3 miles through town no problems at all. Went inside and got my mum ( about 5 mins ), went to start the car up and as soon as I took my foot off the accelerator she died, I restarted her and every time instead of idling she just died?? I managed to get back home, but we stalled at every junction and traffic light ! As dinner was ready I left her on the drive ( the car not me mum ! ) and after lunch decided to see if I could find out what was wrong, I had a quick look under the bonnet to see if there was anything obvious like a loose sensor plug, but not having found anything I decided to start her up and see what happens. Lo and behold she started and ran fine ! , I let her get up to full temp whilst idling then took her out for a 5 mile run, plenty of stops and starts including a 10 min stop at a shop, the result, no running issues at all. I then took my mum home about 3 hrs later and still no issues. The only thing I can think of was when I took the wife to work on Saturday I put £20 worth of petrol in ( yes, it def. was petrol ! ), and I wondered if it was contaminated with something or if some dirt somehow got through, the only thing is why does it appeared to have cleared without any intervention from me? Anyone got any ideas ?? Norm
  7. I had a problem about 4 weeks ago when my aftermarket Sony radio stopped receiving anything but a strong local station ( everything else was just static ) After much checking I decided the amplified aerial base on the roof must be faulty. I tried my local Mr T dealer and laughed hysterically all the way out of the parts department - £249.83 inc. Vat for just the base - you must be flipping joking !! After much searching I managed to get a good working s/h one for £35 posted from JB Specialist Automotive in Coventry, which solved my problem and all my saved stations are now back again. I can honestly say that James the owner who I spoke to seemed a really decent chap who knew his Rav's and was very enthusiastic about them, I believe he sells and breaks s/h ones and may be a useful contact for others on here. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post his contact details ( mods please feel free to delete this info if I'm not allowed to ) He's on 02476 33 33 60 or Norm
  8. Yes, I seem to remember I found this ( or something similar ) the only trouble is there are three more bulbs on a circuit board which you have to take the module apart to get to ! Wish I'd done a picture by picture account now I noticed that the centre dash unit is a very slightly different design to mine, the silver trim on mine goes right round the bottom, the clock is in the middle and the switches for the rear heater, etc are in two pairs either side of the clock. If that's a facelift 4.2 version I think I prefer the look of mine ! Norm
  9. Finally received the T3 LED bulbs today ( only took 3 weeks from Malaysia ! - still at least it was free postage ) they turned out to be the wrong size & style of case type, but undeterred I decided to remove the blown bulbs from their plastic holders - the wires from the base of the glass envelope go through the holder, twist back over the edge of the flange to form the two contacts and back underneath. Incredibly, the LED ones used the same style of fitting and the wires were the same length !! I simply replaced the bulbs with the LEDs and now have a fully lit control panel. To be fair this is a fiddly job and took me about an hour in total, also the panel is now much brighter and lit in a cool white colour instead of the dull yellow of the original but I quite like it. Ive since found a UK company who supply various LED panel replacement bulbs at very reasonable prices. When I bought the first four bulbs I forgot there were 5 in the display so I bought 4 x T4.2 type bulbs for 90p each with £1.50 postage and next day delivery ! I was hoping the Toyota ones might be the T4.2 style but they weren't 🙁 But the LED units were strippable the same as the first ones and I just did the same again and fitted the LED in the old fitting. 🙂 If anyone is interested , the U.K. Company is AUTO LEDS of Darlington, their website is, and they take PayPal as well ! They do lots of different LED units as well. Hopefully this may be of use to anyone else with blown bulbs in their instrument panels. Norm
  10. Yes, if they're ok I'll post a link as there doesn't seem to be much info on this type of thing. The radio is a bit of a pain, there's got to be something that's changed and I honestly don't think it's the radio itself, trouble is I'd like to check the roof ariel on the inside but the only way seems to be to remove the solid headlining and that's not a job I'd relish at all ! As you say, hopefully someone will come along who's knows. ATB Norm
  11. Hi Phil, Funny thing is I did look at that site originally, but I put my reg number in and it only came back with normal exterior bulbs and the normal interior ones. Last night I found what I believe to be the right ones on a sight called Lightinthebox, I think they're T3's, I've ordered up 4 LED versions for £3.59 inc postage ! - not too much to loose if they turn out to be wrong or rubbish. I was quite chuffed because the old girl went through the MOT again yesterday with no work needed only two advises which were the same as last year ! - offside rear brake pads down a bit and some corrosion to the flange between the back box and the centre section. I'm going to get both the rear discs and pads changed shortly and sort the exhaust out in the summer myself ( I quite fancy giving it a different look and a 'nicer' exhaust note by getting rid of the back box and splitting the exhaust just after the back flange, put in two short small mufflers and bring them out as a twin system one either side, but I'm going to do it in such a way that it could be put back to std if need be. ) The other thing I've got to tackle is a problem with the Radio. Two years ago I fitted a good quality Sony unit with Bluetooth etc which has been perfect until the last two or three weeks. Now the reception is rubbish, the only thing that it receives clearly enough ( and even that fades at times ) is The Beach station ! Most of the national stations are coming through very weak and I'm wondering if there's a ariel amplifier that's playing up. I've tried all the radios settings, checked the ariel but nothing seems to make a difference 🙁 Norm
  12. Thanks for that, I'm hoping to avoid a dealer ( way too expensive ) I'll give Halfords a go tomorrow. I'm amazed there's none on eBay, you can usually find pretty much everything on there ! Must admit that I didn't realise there were 5 bulbs in the heater control panel ? Norm
  13. Nobody have any ideas? , I can't be the only one whose had these bulbs blow ! Norm
  14. Hi, just wondered if anyone has had to change blown bulbs in a 2.2 heater / fan control panel, and if so know what the code is for the bulbs? I've managed to get a blown one out and they're tiny little twist n lock units marked TS and 5 ? I've searched the net but can't find anything like it, the glass of the bulb is also covered in a little yellow rubber cap. Any info gratefully received as I'm fed up trying to guess where the heater etc settings are at night ! Norm
  15. Hi, Changed mine for the Japarts one, you won't regret it it's much more practical. Only thing is watch out if the wind gets behind it and blows it open, there's a lot more chance to bend the hinge panel with it opening further, I always open the door fully when it's windy as the original opening point still exists on the 90deg. hinge and if left on this and a strong breeze catches it............ Norm