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  1. Now on the for sale section with pics 🙂
  2. Many thanks for that FB 🙂 I shall put it on there. Norm🙂
  3. Yes, I went through the forum rules but couldn’t find anything ? There’s a section on advertising but nothing about private sales ?? I’m sure someone will be along soon and let me know 🙂
  4. Hi Folks, Just wondered if I’m allowed to offer something second hand for sale on here ? I did try a search but I’m either using the wrong terms or I’m missing something. I basically have a working multimedia unit removed from my recent Rav4 purchase and wondered if I could advertise it on here ? thanks, Norm
  5. Decided to tackle the roof aerial today along with fitting my new multimedia unit. Replacing the roof aerial with a new dab/fm unit ( from Dab on Wheels ) wasn’t quite as straight forward as I thought as the existing OEM one didn’t have a plug anywhere in the cable run from the base of the mast to where it goes into the car box section ☹️, which meant I had to cut the cables. Having done that, and investigated running the new cables across the roof and down the passenger pillar, I decided it was going to be quite a job to do as feeding it across the roof was going to be awkward withou
  6. I saw those but they’re not the same, they’re shorter with just a thin rubber flange, no lid.
  7. Having just acquired a 59 plate 4.3 there’s a rubber ‘cup’ that sits in one of the two centre console circular cup holders. According to the owners manual one of the spaces was occupied by a removable ashtray. This didn’t come with the car and I’m not fussed as I don’t smoke. What I’m looking for is another rubber cup to fit in its place. I’ve looked on eBay and other sites but haven’t found anything, does anyone know where I could get one from ? I appreciate I could go to a Toyota dealer but from past experiences I reckon they’d want an arm, leg and left kidney for one ! 😂 cheers,
  8. I did drop the headlining down at the back before I ordered the ariel to see what the cable run was like and and the cable appears to go into the offside roof box section, it looked like it would be an absolute pain to get to to run it that way. My plan was to go straight across to the roof under the headlining to the passenger windscreen pillar, down the inside and then across to the radio. Using that route I can take out the glove box ( like you would to get to the cabin filter ) and there’s less to get tangled up with on that side. I suspect the factory fitted one goes down the drivers wind
  9. Haha, they could be twins ! Mines full leather as well with heated front seats, not something I’ve had before and I’m not sure they’ll get much use either. I swopped the wheels out this afternoon then gave it a good wash. I must’ve got a couple of pounds of mud from the flange under the back wheel arches, I hate that it’s what causes the arches to rust. Just the new multimedia unit and roof Ariel to go - that’s going to be fun, I need to feed the cables down behind the passenger side windscreen trim but I’m a bit nervous about the airbags. I did wonder if I turn off the air bag on the pa
  10. Out of interest Phil, is yours a dark metallic grey ? If so it’s the same as mine ! I’ve just fitted Climair wind deflectors to the windows, front and rear dash cams and replaced the cigarette lighter below the cubby hole with a twin USB socket that has a built in LED voltmeter ! All I’ve got to do now is fit my aftermarket wheels that I had on the old Rav and I’m just waiting for a new roof Ariel with a dab connector as I’m changing the Pioneer multimedia Satnav unit for a new Sony one as I rarely use satnav and the pioneer one is way too complicated.😂 Does yours have a reversing c
  11. I’ve always thought the Rav would look good and possibly sound good with twin rear exhausts, especially the 4.2 with that overgrown back box. I did see a 4.2 petrol with twin rear pipes ( spaced out either side ) near where my daughter used to live, I’m pretty sure it was a std 2L one but never saw the owner to find out where he got them ?
  12. Whoops sorry Avalon, I didn’t look at who’d posted a reply, thought it was Grumpy Stumpy 😳 ( He very kindly offered to change the sensor on my first Rav as he had the special socket, and gave me tips on how to do it) 🙂
  13. Yes they are good, I like the fact you can be going along in drive, go to overtake and just drop it down a gear or two to go past, back up again afterwards then just leave it and it goes back into full auto mode 🙂 I told her to make sure they get a genuine Denso one, they aren’t that expensive on eBay. If it’s the O2 they’re about £80 and the other ones about £60. As I now have the special socket and I got good tuition from you ( and I’ve changed one myself 🙂), as a good will gesture I said I’d change it for them if they bought the sensor. She said the garage in Nottingham asked if s
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