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  1. Yes, I’ve used Motoquip filters in quite a few vehicles without any issues ( that I’m aware of anyway ), as you say if they’ve been around for a long while they must be doing something right ! I use my local E.U. Carparts shop, they’re a friendly helpful bunch and can usually offer different brands, they never try and push me to use any one of them, oh and they have good prices as well ! Norm
  2. I got the oil and filter change done this afternoon, not quite the same as the diagram in Willem’s link. Took me about an hour from start to finish but I’m a bit creaky so getting up and down from under the front of the car takes me longer these days 😂 If anyones interested, it can be done by jacking up the front of the car with a trolly jack on the front suspension arm base, the sump plug is easy to get to when laying just under the front of the car and is a 14mm bolt. The filter was very tight but came off eventually, and there is no plastic panel cover to remove, so that makes it easier. The picture I’ve added may help anyone else doing an oil change on the same model. one thing I would say, be careful when putting the filter canister removal tool on if you can’t get far enough under to see where the ‘fins’ are that fit in the notches in the tool as getting it on wrong can cause it to jam on a bit. Once I’d found the correct position I made a felt pen mark on the tool where the canister clip is to make it easier next time ! Norm
  3. Thanks for that Willem, it’s a great help 🙂. looks much more of a faff than on my old mk 2 🙄, used to be really easy on that ! Norm
  4. Hi Folks, I’m planning to do an oil change on my 59 plate Rav4 which is fitted with the Petrol Variomatic 3ZR-FAE engine. I’ve got the small paper cartridge filter, the filter holder removal tool and the correct oil, my only problem is where the filter is located underneath ? I’ve done loads of searches on the net and can’t find any pictures or images which clearly show the location for this particular engine 🤔. I just wondered if anyone with one of these Rav’s knows exactly where it’s located and it’s orientation ( horizontal or vertical) or even better, a link to an image that shows it Many thanks, Norm
  5. That’s good, hopefully a win-win situation 👍
  6. Whilst agreeing with what others have said, before you rush into buying another unit I would still have a look at all the connections when you take it out. If they all just stopped working suddenly, unless it’s a electronic component controlling those four lights, I would still think it’s possibly a loose connection. It might even be something as simple as a connector that’s come out slightly. I have a not too dissimilar issue on the illumination of the automatic gearbox lever symbols on the centre console. When I put the sidelights on it doesn’t light the P,N,R,D symbol on the gear-lever panel ( not the one on the dash ), if I tap it lightly it comes on and stays on till the next time I put the lights on. It’s almost certainly a loose connection, just need to prise off the cover and check. Norm
  7. Yes I think you’re right, it’s extremely unlikely all 4 would go together. I would guess at a loose connection somewhere at the back of the controls, unfortunately I think you’re going to have to remove that panel to resolve the issue. ☹️ when I got my 2009 XTR back in May it was only a couple of weeks before I had part of the dash apart to fit a newer multimedia unit !🙂. I didn’t have a manual to take it apart but I did buy some cheapish car panel removal tools from Amazon which helped a lot. I’m guessing that the two side panels will have to be removed and from memory you just pop one of the thin plastic tool blades in the gap between the panels and they should pop off fairly easily. If there are any screws or bolts they’ll probably be 10mm bolts heads, hex heads and Phillips type screws. I did have a quick look on YouTube to see if there are any guides to removing that panel but most were American videos and the controls were slightly different. Not sure if any of this is any help but hopefully someone with more knowledge will come along soon. ATB Norm
  8. Not sure but it sounds like either a earth connection or the power connection to the circuit that has the bulbs on. I haven’t taken mine apart ( yet 😂) as it’s working ok but if it’s anything like the illumination of the controls on the 4.2, which I have had apart ( changed all the tiny filament bulbs for tiny 12v white LED’s ) then either the power or earth connections would have this effect. is it just the illumination on the centre control panel or have any other buttons lost their on/off indicator lights ? Norm
  9. Thanks for that tip, I shall store that away for my first oil change 👍
  10. Hi Phil, finally got round to phoning Ian at Roy’s last week. Nice helpful chap, he gave me the product code for the correct cap from a local company ( MPD in Beccles ) but they didn’t list it anymore but had a substitute Sealey one listed. I called in at EU Carparts in Lowestoft as they’re close to me and they got one in next day for £15 all in ( £3 cheaper than MPD 😉). So all sorted, just need to get round to changing the oil now. If you need to borrow it to do yours just let me know 🙂 Norm
  11. That’s good 🙂 I got mine in May this year with 64,040 on the clock and it’s now at 65,800 ! I’m really loving it, I thought my Mk2 was really nice but this is way ahead of it. Auto, full leather, heated front seats, reversing camera and sensors, cruise control and flappy paddles as well 😱 With 3 different ways to drive it, ( full auto, up and down shift on the stick or flappy paddles ) plus sport mode it’s got all the bases covered ! I put the refurbished spoked 18” wheels on it off the Mk2 which I’d had chrome powder coated at aero coat last year and re-shod them with 235/55 x 18 Toyo Proxes Sports. It drives really nicely on those and those tyres are really quiet, quieter even than the Falken ZX eco runs I had on before.
  12. Hi Phil, thanks for the offer, I’ve actually got one of those three leg ones which work well on the canister type filter but from various YouTube videos I’ve watched don’t recommend using them on the cartridge type as the screw in holder is apparently partly plastic ! I’ll give Ian a call. Having looked at loads of info I think the tool is the 65mm diameter one with 14 ‘flutes’ but just want to make sure before I rush onto Amazon or eBay 😂 It’s a shame Toyota changed the position and design of the oil filter on the Mk3 as it was a real doddle to change the canister one on my Mk2. I believe on late Rav’s they’ve gone back to the canister type ? how are you getting on with your Mk3 ? Norm🙂
  13. Hi Folks, I’m a bit confused. I have a 59 plate Rav 4 XTR 2L Valvematic ( Petrol ) and it has a cartridge type filter. I want to do the oil change myself like I did on my older Mk2 and apparently it’s best to have the proper filter cap wrench so the cap, which is apparently plastic (?), doesn’t get damaged. The trouble is, looking on Amazon and EBay there seem to be different sizes with different numbers of flutes ? Does anyone know which one I’d want for mine please 🤔 cheers, Norm
  14. Yes I think you’re probably right. I’ll give it a go on there. 😉
  15. Now on the for sale section with pics 🙂
  16. Many thanks for that FB 🙂 I shall put it on there. Norm🙂
  17. Yes, I went through the forum rules but couldn’t find anything ? There’s a section on advertising but nothing about private sales ?? I’m sure someone will be along soon and let me know 🙂
  18. Hi Folks, Just wondered if I’m allowed to offer something second hand for sale on here ? I did try a search but I’m either using the wrong terms or I’m missing something. I basically have a working multimedia unit removed from my recent Rav4 purchase and wondered if I could advertise it on here ? thanks, Norm
  19. Decided to tackle the roof aerial today along with fitting my new multimedia unit. Replacing the roof aerial with a new dab/fm unit ( from Dab on Wheels ) wasn’t quite as straight forward as I thought as the existing OEM one didn’t have a plug anywhere in the cable run from the base of the mast to where it goes into the car box section ☹️, which meant I had to cut the cables. Having done that, and investigated running the new cables across the roof and down the passenger pillar, I decided it was going to be quite a job to do as feeding it across the roof was going to be awkward without taking down half the headlining. Instead I took the cables down the back passenger pillar, fed it behind the interior wheel arch trim, through underneath the passenger side front and rear door scuff trims and up behind the glovebox which makes life easy as it drops right down to change the cabin filter ( which I changed at the same time 🙂) Removing the panels either side of the radio unit with the hazard and 4WD lock buttons was effortless using the £10 set of trim removal tools from Amazon, which then allows for the bezel around the double din unit to be removed. From there on in it was just a matter of sorting out the wiring, of which all bar two wires were plug in the other two were soldered direct and heat shrunk and the only annoying thing was the microphone that had been installed with the Pioneer unit had a 2.5mm jack plug instead of a 3.5 used on the new one. To overcome this easily, rather than change the entire microphone over I just cut and soldered the new plug on to the original microphone lead. Amazingly once everything was put back the unit worked perfectly 🙂 phew !! The only thing I couldn’t remove to go with the original unit was the gps aerial, it was buried somewhere behind the dash possibly up near the top and I couldn’t even see it let alone remove it. Shame really as I was thinking of selling the Pioneer unit but it would need a new gps aerial module ( which are still available ) Norm
  20. I saw those but they’re not the same, they’re shorter with just a thin rubber flange, no lid.
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