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  1. From the previous service in Oct 2012 to 2013, I topped it up once with around 0.5 L and I did around 10K miles.
  2. Had the RAV for just over a year now. Bought at 87K (08 plate) and got a full service and MOT at Mr T in Oct at 97K. On Monday evening this week got a message on the dash - Oil service now due (or similar). Initially thought it was a service interval that needed reset so adjusted on dash when I got home (<0.5 miles). Same warning appeared the next morning so switched off and checked oil level - lower than min level - put around 300ml of oil I had left in and went to work when I called dealer - took it in and they have me on the oil monitoring program to see if I need a new engine. They topped it up too. I have a couple of Q's for those in the know. 1 -How much oil is used between the max and min levels on the dipstick? 2 - How much does a clutch kit cost if I have to get one done at the same time as the engine? 3 - Exhaust was a beginning to be a bit noisy as noted at service and MOT and I was thinking of getting it changed in the new year - is that something that would be done by Mr T at the same time if the engine was replaced - I know that the 5th injector and DPF and CAT can get done. wasn't sure if all that was the main front end of the exhaust. Anyway - time will tell - A new engine may be round the corner. However its also just sheared a rear anti roll bar so it will be in on Monday next week to get that done - More expense !!!
  3. CraigyR

    T180 Oil

    Found this online - ACEA C2 engine oil is suitable for diesel engines fitted with diesel particulate filters (DPFs), this specification is very similar to ACEA C1 but with a marginally higher SAPS limit. ACEA C2 is for high performance diesel engines that require oil that’s low friction and low viscosity. ACEA C3 engine oils are suitable for diesel engines fitted with diesel particulate filters (DPFs). Very similar to C2 but without fuel-economy requirements. Frequently matches specifications for BMW and DaimlerChrysler diesel cars. ACEA C3 oils may be unsuitable for use in some engines. Any thoughts?
  4. CraigyR

    T180 Oil

    I have 8 litres of Castrol edge 5W30 that I bought for another car but thought I could use in my T180 when its due an oil change. It's ACEA C3, not C2. Any risk in using it or is C3 better than C2 ?
  5. Is that £96 per corner?,or for all four? Ha. For all four its the bargain of the century, especially as you provided your own tyres. How long did it take them ? I was told by the only Mr T in the area with the magic machine it was a full days work. Car went in at 8:30 before I went to work and got it back at 5pm - they said they couldnt work on it till the afternoon so I guess it was 1-2 hours max.
  6. £96 inc VAT for all 4 BSR's removed and new Hankook Ventus ST RH06's put on. Bargain.
  7. Ouch ! Just got mine done today - BSR's removed, new tyres I supplied fitted, pressure sensors all still working for £80+VAT from Mr T in Inverness. Noticeably better road manners on the ride home - well chuffed.
  8. Just taken the step of ordering 4 new tyres for mine - then its off to Mr T to do the needful and get rid of the run flats and ring. Think I'll keep the pressure system at the mo (unless Mr T changes the valves too).
  9. CraigyR

    Tyres For T180

    I was considering ditching the Runflats with BSR and replacing with General Grabber UHP's - nice tread pattern, all season recommended and grips well in the snow. I had them on a Kia Sorento I owned and are a good mid-range and mid-price alternative to either dedicated winter/summer tyres. Any thoughts?
  10. Hi folks, New to the Toyota forums but been on many forums over the years, kia and BMW to name a few. Just bought a Rav 4 T180 so looking forward to reading about the problems and solutions that everyone has. This will be my second Rav 4, the last being a new 1.8 2wd model in 2004 when I lived in Ireland. Cheers Craig
  11. Welcome to the Toyota forums CraigyR :)