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  1. does anyone know where I can I get some clips from? Mine have broke! I have no idea how that's happened, and can't seem to find the right size clips anywhere. (I have a 1999 Corolla 3 door hatchback) Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, I've just Bought myself a 2002 Yaris Tsport It looks great but I think it needs to be slightly lowered. I've never bought lowering springs before so could anyone give me some advice on what brands are good and what brands to avoid? Thanks!
  3. I need some tuner nuts for my E11 1999 corolla as i have some after market wheels, i know the PCD is 4x100, but i dont know the actual size of the wheel nuts i need. anyone know what size i need? Thanks
  4. hi u have an E11 1.3 corolla, anyone one know which fuse if for the cigarette lighter? thanks
  5. My corolla rear demister doesnt seem to work properly the light on the switch says it on so im assuming its conneced?and also my clock doesnt seem to work can anyone help? thanks
  6. I have a 99 E11, im looking to buy some alloys anyone know where i can find a nice set of 16inch wheels with tyres with a reasonable price in the midlands? its only a 1.3 so not looking for anything to expensive. Thanks
  7. ive tried WD-40 but its still the same, thanks anyways
  8. My drivers door wont unlock from the outside it wont let me turn the key, but unlocks from the inside,do i have to change the lock barrel? Thanks
  9. Well basically the part im after the plastic fascia which surrounds the actual stereo. It is not part of the stereo. Thanks.
  10. cant seem to find the right stereo fascia for my 1999 E11, anyone know where i can get hold of one?
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