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  1. I bought a 59 plate Auris about 3 weeks ago, when the car is idling the engine makes more noise than i would expect. i'm not sure if it did this when i bought it but i only noticed it recently. The noise is a bit like a really quiet diesel engine (much quieter). Can anyone tell me if this is normal? Thanks
  2. thanks for the reply shcm, I spoke to the garage i bought the car from and they said not to use it but i suspect they were just covering themselves. I'm going to look into a wired solution instead
  3. Thanks Acetip, I posted the question before i realised that this was just introductions
  4. Hi I'm new to the owners club, Could anyone tell me what an RF Transmitter is please? The manual with my Auris advises not to use one, does that mean that i shouldnt use an fm transmitter with my ipod? Thanks
  5. Hi I've just bought a 1.6 Vmatic Auris and in the manual it advises not to use an RF Transmitter as it may interfere with the cars electronics. Could anyone tell me what an RF Transmitter is and does it mean I shouldnt use my Belkin Ipod Transmitter in the car. Thanks in advance
  6. Welcome to the Toyota forums steveje :)