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  1. Thanks for the tip about the air con :) It seems to be harder to find a full auto Aygo than the MMT semi-auto so the tip about the air con is handy (thank you :) ) And thanks Richard Overfield about the tip regarding the parts - my mechanic wasn't aware of that so it's going to be cheaper for repairs than he was telling me previous (touchwood!!) I'm going to make sure, as suggested that I take it on a nice long test drive to make sure it runs ok and is comfortable for me to drive :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this car is still available - my mechanic can't come see it with me until Friday and it's a private seller who wasn't too keen to hold it for me (I can understand that though.)
  2. Thanks for all the replies :) I am quite keen on the aygo so am waiting to see if I can arrange my mechanic to come with me and check it out :) Unfortunately the MMT box is a must - I can't drive a manual car so I'm more used to a semi or full automatic gearbox than most people (just wish that they didn't come with so many problems!!) I love the look of the aygo but tbh I'm more impressed with the MPG and the cost of road tax. None of the cars I've had before have have managed more than 35mpg, so it would be great to have a little car like the aygo that doesn't eat fuel faster than I can eat a bar of chocolate !!! I'm hoping to get the mechanic to check the car over the next few days if the seller still has it, if not I'm going to keep looking - thanks everyone!!
  3. Hello, I have the opportunity to get a second hand AYGO 1.0 VVT-I Blue MMT semi-automatic but before jumping in the band wagon and getting a car that I think looks great and have always wanted, I wanted to know if there are any common issues to watch for. If anyone knows of any common issues or recalls relating to this car could you please advise me? I had a look on google and found that the water seals can be an issue but have also found that the water pump and ECU can be prone to problems. I can't afford another car that will fall apart in a few months (my 2003 Clio was replaced due to non-starting issues and the Corsa that I replaced it with now has a major ECU and clutch problem that will cost me over £1000 to sort!) As you can imagine I'm not too confident in cars just now after a run of failures so I want to try and do as much research as possible before making a commitment. Any input is greatfully received - thank you in advance :)
  4. Hello!! I'm looking at getting my very first AYGo (second hand but still happy!!) after a run of failures with corsas and Fiestas. I really like the look of the Aygo and the MPG so hope that you all don't mind me asking silly questions elsewhere - I don't want to commit to another car that will be at the scrap heap in a few months
  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums ztoon :)