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  1. Hi mate There are two issues with the 4.3 petrol manual ( mine 2006 ). 1st you must make sure your exhaust is sound ,not blowing. 1k+vat 2nd rear suspension is gas shocks ,my model needed changing at 48k with no tow bar. But this is less than 200 inc vat . But that's it ,these cars are otherwise nuke proof . My advise offer the dealer 10% less ,leave your Contact details and they will get back to you I guarantee you'll pay less . I did , result ! good luck.
  2. Just had MOT done and it passed the immissions test like I had hoped (prayed) . So thankfully I went the right way with the stainless I hope this post will be of use to someone who is looking for cheaper solution to the hefty price of MR Ts replacement .thanks for everybody's Contributions it's been a less expensive journey and more satisfying to have put some effort into a solution
  3. I don't remember a light coming on when my gx brakes got very low but I do remember how cheap and easy they was to change unlike the car I got after it, brembo brakes DoH !! . Merry Xmas
  4. TOLD YOU shrouded in secrecy them toyota boffs , lol
  5. I was referring to my 4.3 to which paulus17 was asking me about . Your answer was I guess aimed at his model but did not shed any light on my ramble. So do I have two cats ? If not what is on the manifold down pipes that looks like a cat with wires hanging out ,just asking mate don't mean any offence to your superior knowledge . Could you post a diagram for my model please to put this to bed once and for all ,thanks
  6. Are you referring to my model or the 4.2 parts king , if I have misunderstood then you have my humble apologies
  7. I looks as though there is one cat on the manifold down pipes which has the sensor wires attached lambda and or 02 ? Then on the midd section before the muffler is what I was told is also a cat this has no wires or sensors . Now I have hadno concrete evidence of this it seems the cats are shrouded in some secret mystery so to confuse customers and panic them in to buying OEM parts which I interpret as mr T giving its customers a good fisting, my point is why can't they sell a separate back box which is fitted on after the cat ike my stainless .
  8. Update !! Decided on cat back st/steel custom exhaust using t 304 aircraft grade which they cut in and flanged just after the the second cat which is still in good nick, this solution works best for me it's guaranteed for as long as I own the rav and is no louder than an original But has a faint burble which is just about audible when you lift off the accel pedal ,very pleased with the result and the ravs throttle response is back to what it should be . Worth pointing out that I would have been as happy with oem exhaust but mrT,s 1500 quote was 1/4 of what I paid for the whole car 3 month ago . Total for st/st 360quid even used there courtesy car for the morning , also I used the boy racer forums to asses the feedback on the exhaust company and there reliability beforehand ,this turned out to be a usefull exercise as I learned a lot and trust the company's work . Merry Xmas all ...mick...
  9. just today had my 4.3 2006 exhaust sorted ,i decided on a custom fitted st/steel cat back that cost me 360 quid , it's quiet and guaranteed as long as I own the car . I have only owned the car 3 months so mr t,s quote of 1500 quid fitted , is actually 1/4 of what i paid for the rav so was to me is an insane layout but I have always sided with genuine parts in the past and will in the future because of the false economy aspect with spurious parts but on this occasion it doesn't apply and common sense wins .
  10. Hey up Paul and igor There is an exhaust engineer in Leeds called tony banks who will fit me a standard st/st midd and back box on after the cat which will stay on but on his web page it advertises he can get hold of cats but I don't want to go down that path . Butt igors idea to. Paint the remaining pipe with anti corrosion product is a must ,not just me but any rav exhaust . don't they say on tv PREVENTION IS CHEAPER THAN THE CURE .but after all this research I am still considering a getting a genuine one , no need to decide just yet still got Xmas to get past .
  11. Thanks chris and del I am going to take your advice and have a stainless made and welded on after the cat , I can't possibly be that unlucky that the cat will fail any time soon , its only done 45k In 7yr .Gonna get quotes today for a quiet one I'm not into the noise of the performance ones .
  12. Hi del. I asked the dealer if it should have both rear shocks done at the same time his reply was not these days no need so that was ok with me. So back to the exhaust.I went to 1 indie and 3 franchises quikfit etc Indie 1st. Had it up on the ramp then phoned for a quote told me £641 fitted for back 2 sections 2nd quote k/fit £446 fitted 3rd quote Gordon's tyres £435 fitted but new I had been seeking quotes cos his supplier answered him before he finished his sentence he then told me there might be a problem so before fitting the new one he would have to offer it up to check it matches because of the cat issue whilst doing this the indie rang me to also explain that it might not have a cat in his exhaust therefore he would do the same offer it up . They are obviously using the same supplier because the fourth Dt&t said the same but added on that he may have to get acat from the main dealer so get ready So make what you want of this but I am a tad p--sed off could kingo give me a price for the back two sections plus associated bits n bobs .?
  13. Not sure how or where to do you a link novice I am . But you only need to ring servicing at a toyota dealer he will tell you instantly
  14. I am going to go to k/ fit and places like that today and get some quotes ,also I intend to keep this car till one of us has flatlined so I might get a price for a stainless , I will update you all later on this , thanks to all for your advice so far.what would we do without forums eh !! As for a temp repair it could be the very last resort but it will make me uneasy would it get me through an mot ?