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  1. The same for me, ordered from Thailand, fitted in 10-20mins, have an extra little metal peg coming from the steering wheel frame that was not on any other pictures that made getting it in a bit fiddly but pulling lever forward as though you were cancelling the CC allowed it to slip through. Would really like the toyota rubber grommet though, tried a toyota dealer and they said they would get the part but they seem to be a bit stuck. They can't seem to get it here in the UK or its not worth their effort as they have not got back to me.
  2. I have the same issue and it comes from the seat belt buckle
  3. Hi Guys, thanks for the reply, I went back to the dealer and tried another car exactly the same with the same mileage and if anything it was worse. I will get my fav garage to have a look for me, they are very honest with me and will only do what needs done, I do their IT so it's a you scratch mine I'll scratch yours arrangement. Thanks again Still waiting for my cruise control arm to come from Thailand, it's amazing how much you miss something you don't use thats often when it's not there.
  4. HI All, I have just recently joined and have found a wealth of information here already. Just got a 58 plate 1.6 TS with 40k on the clock and am quite happy with it. Have, after reading here ordered my Cruise Control bits and looking forward to getting it fitted. I would like to ask your opinions on one thing I am finding frustrating, I feel the clutch is a bit hard to press and requires more force than I would expect, it makes slow releasing of the clutch harder than it should be. I have also found that when reversing up a hill, it can be quite hard to get it out of reverse after. Anyone else feel the clutch is a bit on the tough side? I would be grateful for any input as I only have a month warranty and don't want to be left with a big problem. Thanks in advance. John
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